Review: Edison Pearlette in Aztec Gold Flake

Edison pens have been in my wishlist for quite some time. They weren’t locally available so I haven’t really had the chance to try them out. When Scribe announced that they already have Edison pens and the price is the same as the price of Goulet (without shipping), I grabbed the chance to get one. The original pen on my wishlist is the Pearlette in Deep Indigo, but when I saw the Aztec Gold Flake, it was love at first sight.


The pen came in a pretty “coffin” that’s imitation leather. The box is probably standard to all Edison pens because it’s a tad too big for the Pearlette.


The Pearlette’s length is about 130mm when capped. It’s pretty small and people with large hands might find this uncomfortable to use if unposted. The size is just perfect for me though, and I use it unposted to avoid scratching the barrel of the pen. It’s also not extremely light and the resin doesn’t feel thin or cheap. Even for its size, the pen feels substantial and it feels very well-made.


Here is a size comparison between a Pearlette and a Pilot Metropolitan, Vanishing Point, Bexley Corona and TWSBI Micarta.


The pen is a lot prettier in person than in photos. You really have to look at it in person to get a sense of the depth of color in the pattern of the acrylic. It’s something really difficult to capture on photos without the right kind of natural lighting. It is really beautiful.


The pen gives the impression that it has a soft amber glow. The soft color is accentuated by the gold flecks that reflects the light around the beautiful pieces of yellow and amber resin. The polish makes the pen very pleasant to look at and to hold. There are no rough corners to this pen, everything is smooth and polished and just flows together beautifully.



The cap shows a bit of thread where it twists on and off the section of the pen. The clip has this little ball at the underside of the tip, making it very easy to clip the pen to your shirt pocket or the fabric of your pen case.

pearlette-10       pearlette-11

The clip is very simple. There aren’t any markings on it. It’s just a simple but elegant gold clip. The top of the cap is a little pointy, so is the end of the barrel. The edge around both ends are smooth but the shape gives it a visual impression of a prism or a crystal.


The pen’s ink delivery system is a standard international piston converter. For its size, I do like that it uses a converter because it doesn’t interrupt the design of the (relatively short) barrel. I was able to convert it to an eyedropper too, with a little silicone grease to the section threads.

pearlette-5       pearlette-3

I picked the 1.1mm nib because Scribe ran out of two-tone medium nib. They have very limited stocks for Edison pens, probably just to test out how warm the market will be.


Writing with this pen is very pleasant for me, but the short section is bound to be a bit uncomfortable for people with bigger hands. Some users might find themselves gripping the threads of the barrel while writing.


Their 1.1mm factory stub is pretty good. It’s got great line variation, the corners are slightly rounded. It’s super smooth to write with, the ink flow is generous and consistent. Overall, it’s really pleasant to write with. Below is the video of my writing sample for this pen. 

All in all, this pen is gorgeous and a joy to write with. The quality of the workmanship is very good, and I’m happy to add this pen to my collection. It’s my first Edison and I can say with certainty that it will definitely not be my last.


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