Review: Nemosine Fission

Here’s another Nemosine pen that Everything Calligraphy sent for review–a Nemosine Fission. First impression, this pen is big.


It doesn’t look like it’s big in photos, and of course it depends on the size of your hand, but when I held it in mine, it’s pretty big for me. The pen has a metallic finish, and both ends are smooth. Like the other two Nemosine pens, this pen looks pretty simple. I like that it’s not over the top or too much of an attention drawer.


The section of this pen is pretty nice. It’s long and comfortable to hold. It’s metallic which makes it a tad slippery, though. Just to give you an idea how long it is when posted, here’s a size comparison with a Lamy Studio:


I think that people with larger hands will appreciate this a lot because the pen feels substantially weighty, especially when posted.


IMG_4057The end of the barrel has a chrome band with threads. You can screw in the cap when you want to post it. Being a non-poster, I found the band a bit of an unwelcome interruption in the simple design of the barrel.

I guess if you post your pen, this is a welcome feature. It secures the cap at the end of the pen while you write. It does also mean that you’ll need to twist it off when you want to unpost the pen and cap it. I guess it’ll all boil down to personal preference. I could certainly do without it.


It fills with a cartridge/converter and, like the other two Nemosine models, comes with a few extra cartridges of in ink in the box. The clip on this pen is different from the other two (which are plain) because it has an N on it. The clips are okay, they’re functional and sufficiently springy. Here are a few close ups of the pen’s details.

I kinda love the details on the nibs of Nemosine pens. 🙂 They’re pretty intricate. Like the Neutrino, this one writes very well out of the box. These steel-nibbed pens are stiff and smooth. I like the broad nib that I tried. They’re wet without being overly gushing. It’s just a tiny bit wider than Lamy’s Medium. Here is a video of the writing sample:


Overall, I like the simplicity of the design, and the way that it writes. It’s a tad too heavy for me, since I really like my pens lighter. Still, I think it’s a nice pen for its price point.

The Nemosine Fission is available at Everything Calligraphy.

Disclaimer: As I mentioned before, I am not affiliated with Everything Calligraphy. This is NOT a paid blog post and I DON’T do paid reviews.

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