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The Nemosine Singularity is the first Nemosine pen that I heard about online. It seems to be quite popular  because it’s very affordable and there are choices of demonstrators, solid colors, and the fancier acrylic models. Everything Calligraphy sent these over for review and I must say I can understand the appeal these pens have.


The body is made of plastic, and it’s really light. It may make the pen feel cheap, since we often equate weight with build quality, which isn’t always the case with fountain pens. Like the Neutrino and Fission, Singularity has a very simple design. It’s quite likable, really. The trims are simple and minimalist, and there aren’t too many details in the design. If the Neutrino and Fission are all about smooth lines, Singularity has some edges to it.

It’s a pretty neat design. The way I see it, it’s much cheaper than a Lamy Safari, and with a more classic look and feel. Since it has no metal parts in the interior of the barrel, I believe one can also use it as an eyedropper.


I like the selection of their solid colors, especially these two (ivory and walnut). These are probably my favorite solid colors of Singularity.


It has a nice boxy look to it, I think. The clip is alright, it’s usable. I like the faceted look and the fact that it’s a little wide or chunky. As simple as the pen’s design is, the clip is that one thing that catches the eye and gives it a solid look.


The section is smooth and comfortable. The size is proportional to the pen’s length, which makes it relatively short because it is a pretty small pen, but the section is okay. It’s sensible.


The demo colors of this pen are awfully cute. I don’t usually like colored demonstrators but the purple and aqua demos are pretty  nice.

IMG_4052It also comes with extra ink cartridges in the box, as well as a plastic converter.

Like the Fission model, this pen uses a #6 nib. I like the etchings on the nibs of these pens. They’re pretty intricate without being too gaudy. Like the other pens that I tried, the nib on this one worked right out of the box (don’t you just love it when that happens?) and is a smooth and wet writer.

For a budget pen, I noticed that the nib is very reliable. I actually enjoyed writing with it.

Here’s a video of the writing sample for this pen:


I find that the broad nib on this pen is just a bit wider than the medium nib on a Lamy. It’s sufficiently wet and smooth, even without tuning. I suppose it can write better with a bit of adjustments.

Overall, it’s a pretty nice budget pen. It comes in plenty of pretty colors, it has an appealing minimalist design, it’s comfortable to use and the nib is pretty good out of the box. Some people may find it too light, some will like the weight just fine. It’s really a matter of preference. A pretty nice pen, overall.

The Nemosine Singularity is available at Everything Calligraphy.

Disclaimer: As I mentioned before, I am not affiliated with Everything Calligraphy. This is NOT a paid blog post and I DON’T do paid reviews.

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