Review: Pilot 78G, Medium


I got this pen from last Saturday’s exchange gift at a mini pen meet with a few new pen friends. It’s a Pilot 78G with a medium nib, painted by one of our members.

My first impression on the pen is that it’s really light and the body is plasticky. I don’t mind it at all, I’ve been curious about these 78Gs for a while because a lot of my pen friends say that it’s one of the best entry-level pens. There’s only one store that sells Pilog 78Gs in the Philippines (Cosmos Bazar) and they’re always out of Medium nibs. They always just have the fine nibs available. Knowing Japanese nibs, I need a B or a BB to satisfy my preference for a European medium. Still, when I got this in the exchange gift, I was so happy. Not only was I gonna be able to finally try out a 78G, it’ll be my first Pilot fountain pen, and it’s got a custom paint job. I like it when artistic people take something that looks drab and plain and make it into something extraordinary and unique. It’s easy enough to buy a 78G, but having a good custom paint job on it makes it one of a kind.


That’s the barrel, or the end of the barrel. It looks much better in person, the little gold colored flecks are beautiful. It seems other members who have this custom-painted 78G have no problems with the paint fading or chipping off. The paint job is quite good.


The gold paint goes well with the gold-colored trims of the pen. Aside from the nib, I think my favorite part of this pen is the clip. The squarish, clip is beautiful. It looks sturdy and chunky, and I think it’s beautiful in its own simple way.¬†


The base color of this pen is red, and I told my friend Lexie that the overall design reminds me of vintage Japanese designs. If Shaider’s alter ego, Alexis, ever had a fountain pen, I believe it would be a blue colored version of this pen.


The pen uses a converter that looks a bit like my Parker 51 Demi’s aerometric converter. It’s a squeeze converter that’s detachable. Very simple and efficient.


The nib of this pen is obviously the star. Whatever misgivings you may have about the body, design or weight of this pen, you’ll forget them when you write with the nib.

P1040480True enough, the medium nib writes like a European fine. It writes a lot finer than my fine nibbed Parkers, but the inkflow is very good. It lays down a consistently wet line. Reverse-writing with it lays down a consistently wet extra fine line. It’s an excellent nib, and it just glides on paper so effortlessly.


Within just a few minutes of writing with it, I knew that it’ll be one of my favorite pens.¬†Here’s the writing sample video below:

Overall, this pen is a joy to write with. It has a very simple design, but I think that considering its price point, it’s already a great starter pen. If not for the price, I don’t want to classify it as an entry level, to be honest. The quality of this pen is more at par with mid-level options, even better than some.

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