Review: Rotring Freeway, Matte Black, Medium


This Rotring Freeway was a gift from my husband last August 6th. Not being a collector himself, I really appreciated the kind of effort that went into researching and finding a collector to sell him this pen. There’s not much that I know about this pen, except that it’s already out of production. There are a few being sold on eBay, though there doesn’t seem to be many matte black fountain pens on the market at the moment.


The pen fills up with a converter, and I suspect that it would also fit international standard converters/cartridges. The pen is in near mint condition and looks like it has never been inked. The box it came in looks like those boxes for Rotring drawing pens. It’s a very utilitarian-looking pen. I honestly fell in love with it the first time I held it.¬†

It’s a very hefty pen, although not uncomfortably so *cough*sheaffer300*cough*. The body is made of metal and sits very comfortably in the hand. It’s a cigar shape and the matte finish gives it a simple but well-made look. The pen feels very, very nice to write with. I have since used it for long writing sessions and I’m very happy with it.

The clip is sturdy and designed to be flexed, it snaps on to the section and sits snugly at the end of the barrel. It posts but the pen feels more balance unposted. It has the iconic red ring around the top of the cap and the brand Rotring engraved on the clip and at the side of the nib. Everything about this pen says that it can take a beating and come out looking like it’s no biggie.


The nib is steel, very simple but very effective. It has no design on it save for the very tiny “ROTRING” on one side and a tiny “M” on the other, indicating that the nib is a medium. It doesn’t have any filigrees, swirls or flourishes. It’s a hard nib, not very springy but definitely a wet writer. It doesn’t even have a breathing hole in the middle. Just two tines and a very no-nonsense, business-like attitude to it.


It writes really well. No hard-starting, no drying up in the middle of writing, no skipping or railroading. It doesn’t write as thick as my other medium pens, though. It can handle small writing just fine. Looks to sit between a fine and a medium to me. See the video of the writing sample below:

It is very industrial-looking, but it is a reliable writer. I imagine it will appeal to people who like pens that look simple but pack a punch. It looks like you don’t need to bother with pen wraps or putting it down hard surfaces. It’s a great pen and it writes like a well-oiled machine.

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