Review: Waterman Expert II – Medium Nib

There is an awesome story behind how I acquired this pen, but I will save that for another entry. For now, I’ll focus on a standard review. It’s my first review, so I’ll probably be going back to this entry and improve it in the future.

Waterman Expert II - 1

The Waterman Expert II is a very handsome pen manufactured sometime in the 1990’s. It came in many finishes, including a limited edition “champagne” finish. The one I got is a gift from a friend, and the color is French Blue. It has a lacquer-covered brass body which gives it the pleasant heft that it has as well as the glossy look.Waterman Expert II - 2

It has gold plated clips and accents, and a two-toned gold plated steel nib. It takes any international long cartridge and Waterman converters. 

Waterman Expert II - 3

My first impression on this pen is that it looked elegant and very presentable. It seemed like the kind of pen you can confidently present to a boss, or your mom. The lacquer over brass gives the pen a very pleasant heft; not too light and not too heavy. I also acquired a Waterman Hemisphere (marble red, now at the pen spa having the nib adjusted to a Fine point) the same time I got this Expert II, and I love it to pieces but I am very partial about the Expert II because of its weight and dimensions.

Waterman Expert II - 4

It almost looks like cigar type pen, except it has flat ends. Kind of like the Sheaffer 300. I like the girth around the middle and the slight tapering of the ends. I like the hardware on this pen, it makes the overall appearance more aesthetically pleasing.

Waterman Expert II - 5

When I first inked up this pen, it was with a black Parker Quink ink. I replaced it with Noodlers’ blue black ink because I thought it fit the pen more nicely. The pen is an awesome writer. It just glides on paper. The nib is not flexy but not a nail either. It just has a little softness to it, which took some time for me to get used to.

The pen has no trouble starting. It doesn’t skip, it doesn’t feel toothy, and it starts right away even if I don’t use it for a day or two.


It is very generous with the ink flow, making it quite the ink guzzler. I just love wet writers! The paper I used here is a Rhodia note pad, and it’s really smooth. Some of my fountain pens with fine nibs don’t write too well on this paper, but the Waterman Expert II has absolutely no problems with it. On my preferred journal (Muji A5 notebook), it writes like a dream. It shows off my favorite inks’ shading so effortlessly. Here is a video of a writing sample:

The pen posts, and the cap settles on the end of the pen with a nice “click”. The pen feels very well-balanced when posted, although I prefer not posting my pens. No special reason, just a personal preference.

Overall, this entry-level Waterman is a beautiful and reliable pen. It writes like a dream and feels wonderful to hold. It’s hard to find anything to dislike about this pen.

3 thoughts on “Review: Waterman Expert II – Medium Nib

  1. I have been gifted the Waterman Expert II marble blue when I was a little kid (was my first communion) and unaware of how to treat it and with my goofiness I had made it fall on the floor in the first year and the nib bended. Then I just closed it in its box with ink cartridge inside. After some year I opened it and found all the nib was corroded, changed it and this time I was careful not to make it fall again. But I left the ink cartridge inside for years without using it. Again… Now it’s corroded again. I used the Waterman black cartridge both times. It’s a problem of the ink? Bad handling? Materials of the nib? It’s so beautiful and is with me since 20 years ago, if you have any advices about avoiding corrosion that would be great…

    1. So sorry to hear that about your Waterman. Have you checked if ink is leaking around the collar or if there’s too much nib creep? My Expert II used to have cakes of ink collecting in the cap, but it turned out the nib was just a bit loose. I pushed it in firmly and it didn’t leak anymore.

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