Something’s Fishy


I find human and animal forms very challenging to paint. I’ve tried fishes before but I never liked how they turned out so I don’t often try them again. Last week I thought I’d try ink and wash for my fish paintings and I think I like how the first ones turned out.


I used my Sennelier watercolor block for these paintings, and I’m pretty happy with it. The texture made it really easy to create the illusion of scales. It also took the ink from my Rotring Isograph pretty well. No bleeding or any difficulties sketching on it. I wish I can capture in the photos how delightful the texture of the finished paintings feel.


Ink and wash seems to be my comfort zone, and I’m enjoying it a lot right now. I’m learning new things and discovering new techniques along the way.


Here are the colors that I used for the fishes, in case anyone would find it useful:

  • Black goldfish – Payne’s Grey
  • Veiltail Goldfish – Bright Red, Lemon Yellow, Warm Sepia, Payne’s Grey
  • Salmon – Payne’s Grey, Naples Yellow Deep, Venetian Red, Lemon Yellow

4 thoughts on “Something’s Fishy

  1. Really nice work! I Wish I knew exactly where you purchased the paint/ink colors and that wonderful paper….as well as the type of pen and nib used.I’m a details freak and pen, paper and ink nerd.

    1. Hallo! The paper here is Sennelier Watercolor Block (300gsm, 100% cotton), the watercolors are Sennelier artist grade half pans, the pen is a .1 Rotring drawing pen with Rotrink ink, I love the ink because it’s water-proof, and the drawing pen gives me strokes as thin as a hairline. 🙂

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