Sourdough Whole Wheat Crackers

Yesterday’s journal entry. Last Sunday, Grimer (my sourdough starter) had what I can only describe as a growth spurt. All this time he had been lazily bubbling by, just rising a little bit at a time before I feed it again. Then on Sunday when I woke up to feed it, it had doubled in size and was already on its way to being deflated because it was nearly time to feed it. I had been waiting for that to happen for a week but all of a sudden it did happen and it was so fascinating to watch. I fed it and it expanded again, this time to over three times its size. The texture is very similar to melted marshmallow.

All of a sudden, I had so much discard that I felt bad throwing them away. A friend of mine suggested I try making crackers and so I did. All I needed (aside from the starter discard) was whole wheat flour, butter, and salt. All of which I already had in our kitchen. The first batch was a little too thick and salty for my taste, but the succeeding two batches were successful.

The crackers were delicious, especially the second batch because I added some parmesan cheese on top before I popped theĀ  batch in the oven. I snipped a bit of chives from our herb garden, mixed that up with cream cheese and ate the crackers with it, that was pretty awesome. To conjure something delicious out of just a few ingredients was pretty awesome. It was also quite fulfilling to be able to go out, harvest a few leaves from the herb garden, and know that the plant will grow new leaves for your future needs as long as you take care of them.

My husband said that I managed to make something with “whole wheat” delicious, and I get what he meant, but I’m realizing now that the only “whole wheat” bread or crackers that we really ate were mass-produced products and the taste was off-putting. I read from home bakers that whole wheat baked from home tastes a lot better. I can’t wait to find out for sure. Depending on how Grimer performs this week (I’ve increased his feeding to 100g flour and 100g water), if it continues to rise predictably, then I might be ready to bake our first loaf this weekend. I’m a little anxious because I’ve never been successful in baking and I never really baked a lot of things before, but one has to start somewhere, right? Friends who bake their own bread warned me to prepare myself for the ups and downs, but I must see my mistakes and learn from them. I plan to do exactly that.

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