Stormy, Stormy Night…

I love looking at calligraphy. My own handwriting is boring and block-y, and I’ve tried my hand at copperplate and Spencerian but I’m afraid that flowy, intricate calligraphy isn’t my strong suit. Yet. I think I need a whole lot more practice. I do enjoy another kind of calligraphy, though, and this one is right up my alley.

Psalm 91 written in uncial script.

Uncial script is a kind of writing that uses all capital letters. It’s said to have developed or evolved from Old Roman cursive. I find the simplicity of the letters, and the simple, round forms to be quite appealing. Many ancient manuscripts were written in some form of uncial script.

I was practicing my uncial calligraphy last night by writing down my favorite psalm, Psalm 91. I used Lamy Safari with a 1.5mm nib and J. Herbin’s Stormy Grey. I haven’t used Stormy Grey in a while, I almost forgot how cool it looks especially with wide nibs. When you shake that ink up, it really lays down sparkly lines. I also like that it’s a dark shade of grey, not an ambiguous black but real, slate grey. I only use it with Lamy nibs, though (yes, even fine nibs) because I’m too scared to use it with pens that are hard (or impossible) to take apart. Besides, I haven’t encountered an ink yet that can clog up a Lamy. A few close ups of the letter forms.

P9267311 P9267299 P9267298 P9267307

2 thoughts on “Stormy, Stormy Night…

  1. I use all those inks in every one of my pens. Yes, even my Nakaya (they are AMAZING in a BB nakaya Italic nib, holy crud). They clean out without any issue at all, haven’t even had a stained feed (though I think a permanently sparkly feed would be fun, alas, it washes off.) Some of the safest, easiest to clean ink I own actually!

    You’ve got a lovely italic hand there. Very pleasant!

    1. Really? That’s a relief to know. I am looking forward to Diamine’s shimmering inks and it would be a shame if i couldnt use them with my favorite pens. ^_^

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