My food journal entry from a few days ago. I recently learned to bake a basic banana bread. My husband loved it a lot so I baked it a few times these past few weeks. I realized that it uses so much sugar though, so I told my husband I wouldn’t be baking too often anymore. Maybe just once in a while, as a treat. We usually go through a bag of sugar in several months. The last 2-kilo bag that we bought was from waaaay back in March. We don’t use sugar a lot at home. It shocked me how quickly we used up the sugar when I started baking, and I realized that sugar is one of those things that you can consume so much of when it comes in the form of yummy baked goods. Out of sight, out of mind. When you bake stuff yourself, though, it becomes harder to ignore.

2 thoughts on “Sugar

  1. I bake banana bread without added sugar. You can compensate for its absence by adding a bit of extra liquid (I like buttermilk) and a handful of chocolate chips. Another trick is to mix up a tablespoon of sugar with cinnamon and sprinkle it over the top. It seems to me that the granules on top and/or the surprise of the occasional chip more than compensate for the overall sweetness typical of traditional recipes.

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