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Pen and Ink OTP: Bexley, Edison, Diamine and J. Herbin


Finally got my first Edison pen today, the Pearlette in Aztec Gold Flake. It’s so pretty and the material used is really beautiful. Today’s pen OTP are:

Bexley BX802 and J. Herbin Stormy Gray
Edison Pearlette in Aztec Gold Flake and Diamine Autumn Oak (later changed to Diamine Sepia, still goes well together)

otp2Actually, Diamine Sepia also looks pretty awesome.

#FPOTD: Bexleys and Sheeny, Shady Ink


My pens for the day are two Bexleys (Corona and BX802), both with 1.1mm nibs from Goulet and inked with two of the most fun inks I have in my collection; Bilberry and Apache Sunset. If you use a pen with just the right amount of wetness and broadness, on paper like Elias journal which is just the right amount of smoothness and absorbency, the result can be magical. It’s one of the reasons I try out many different paper with my fountain pen. Not all kinds of paper can show off the properties of ink, like shading or sheen. This combination hits the spot perfectly. 🙂

A Happy Shade of Blue

I’ve been looking for ink that is obviously blue but of a happier, less common shade. Not like ballpoint pen blue, but something a bit different and out of the ordinary. After trying out a lot of blue, I ordered one bottle of Diamine Asa Blue that came in the mail today.

asa blue

It reminds me of the color motif at one of our favorite Greek restos. This is a very vibrant, Mediterranean shade of blue. It also has a wet flow and shows good shading. It certainly flows better than the royally disappointing Parker Quink Blue and Blue Black. I think I’ll keep this in my weekly rotation of ink.

The ink color has a backstory, though, according to one member of FPN-P. Diamine’s director, Christine Joynson, told her that the inspiration for this color came about on a Mediterranean cruise. The singer on board the cruise ship had the most fantastic blue eyes. His name is Asa Murphy. Hence, Asa Blue. 🙂 Imagine how beautifully blue Mr. Murphy’s eyes must be.  Continue reading “A Happy Shade of Blue”

Review: Bexley BX802 in Cracked Ice

I was looking for an inexpensive pen for Christmas, something that will not go over my allotted budget for it. Since I got acquainted with Bexley in the past months, I thought I’d try one of their entry level pens. I was curious about the BX802 because one of my pen friends has one in a Cappuccino design. I wanted that kind of design too, but sadly it wasn’t available anymore. Since the pen is out of production, I cannot order it directly from the site either. I didn’t want to pay full price for it, so I asked my pen friend who sells Bexley if he has the BX802 in any other color, and he said that he still has one in cracked ice. I Googled that up and I knew this was gonna be my Christmas gift to myself.


So this morning, this package came through Xend. My pen friend did a great job packing it, I think. It took a while before I could rip through all that tape and bubble wrap.


I think this pen’s box is a bit smaller than the box my Corona came in, I can’t remember (and I’m too lazy to dig for the box).


This little pen is quite beautiful. I’m not sure why Bexley pens aren’t very photogenic, but the design of this cracked ice acrylic is very pretty up close.

bx802-6      bx802-5

It actually looks like crushed white stone, and there are small bits of silvery, translucent flecks scattered about it. I gotta admit that I’m developing a taste for these hand-turned pens because they’re not very industrial and cold-looking, like they were picked out of an assembly line. Each pen, whether they came from the same acrylic rod stock or have the same materials, will be unique. There are no two pens that are exactly alike. Unlike when you buy pens like a Lamy Studio or similar pens–you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Cracked ice
A close up of the cracked ice acrylic

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Bexley BX802 in Cracked Ice


This pen came through the courier today. I’ve been wanting to have my own pen in a cracked ice design and this one’s pretty good-looking. It’s also out of production, so I’m pretty happy to add it to my collection. I asked the local Bexley distributor (also a pen friend) to include a 1.1mm italic stub nib on it instead of the standard medium and he agreed. Review coming soon. 🙂

December Pen – Bexley BX802

I’ve been very good this month. 🙂 Since I usually have a lot of expenses in December, I didn’t buy too many pens for December. In fact, I only bought one. I was looking for a pen that looks like an American classic fountain pen. I wanted something small but beautiful. A pen friend (who’s also a Bexley reseller) showed me this, and I knew that this is gonna be my pen for December.


It’s a Bexley BX802 in cracked ice design. I requested a 1.1 nib for it. It’s probably gonna be shipped next week. I got it at a very friendly price, so it didn’t break my budget for this month. Su-weet!

Review: Bexley Corona in Blueberry Cream (Fine)


First Impressions (10/10)
I’ve always been curious about Bexley pens, but I admit the Corona wasn’t really very interesting for me because it’s not what I would call photogenic. The color Blueberry Cream especially wasn’t very appealing to me. The photos I saw online of these pens didn’t compel me to get one at all. It looked plastick-y and marbly. I thought the Lemon Merengue was a prettier color, but in the photos, it didn’t look overly impressive either. That all changed when I went to a pen meet with local fountain pen enthusiasts and collectors and I got to try one out.

My first impression on this pen was that it looked and felt very well-made. I liked it a lot on the spot. Enough to want one for myself.After the meet, I ordered one exactly like the pen I tried in the meet from the local Bexley dealer and a couple of days ago, I finally had it in my hands. It came in a quite a large black box (or pen coffin) with velvety lining and some paperwork.


The first time I saw it with the box, I was (again) so taken by how beautiful it looks in person.

Appearance (9/10)
Appearance-wise, I think the Corona is a very beautiful pen and it feels like it’s made of good quality material and excellent workmanship. It’s reminiscent of classic American vintage fountain pens with influences of the art deco styling. It kind of reminded me of how Parker Duofolds looked, and other flat-top fountain pens in the 30’s and 40’s. It looks like a classic beauty.It has a nice, solid heft to it, the piston mechanism feels great, the body of the pen is beautiful! It’s cream-colored resin with bright, china blue swirls on it. The cream color is so delicious-looking. I honestly wanted to eat blueberry cheesecake while looking at the pen (and I did). Different pens have different swirls, so no two pens are exactly alike. The trade off for that is that the swirls on the cap are not continuous in design with the swirls on the barrel.



Again, it just speaks to the uniqueness of each pen and doesn’t really take away from the overall look. The pen doesn’t look cold like marble, the off-white, creamy color plays really well with the blue, making it pop but not in a very loud way. It mellows down the bright blue swirls.

P1040434     P1040445

I guess the reason it’s not the most photogenic pen is that you have to feel the pen in your hand and look at it up close to see the depth of the material and the beauty of the swirling china blue (either that or Bexley needs to get better product photos). I feel giddy and happy just looking at the patterns. There’s nothing industrial-looking about this pen at all. It’s like blue syrup poured into rich cream and frozen mid-swirl.

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My First Bexley, and it’s Yummmmmy! (Bexley Corona in Blueberry Cream, Fine Nib)


There’s always something special about your first kinds of pens. Getting my first vintage Parker was a memorable experience, so was my first Wahl Eversharp. My first Bexley is no different. I just savored the experience of opening that box for the first time and enjoying the weight, texture and look of the pen. I wanted to get the Lemon Meringue but since that’s already out of stock, Blueberry Cream was my second choice. Needless to say, I enjoyed my first few moments with the pen a lot. It’s even more enjoyable because I was with pen friends at the time.


After leaving the mini pen meet, I settled down with my husband in a cafe and had a little “alone time” with the pen. *Insert happy sigh here*. I might decide to have it ground to a cursive italic, though. Maybe. Review to follow.