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New Inks! De Atramentis Van Dyck Brown and Olive Green

I got this through courier today–my first ever De Atramentis Inks. I am so happy that Elias Notebooks is now distributing this line of ink. There was a time when the only options available in the Philippines are Quink and Skrip. Now, there are a lot to choose from! De Atramentis is also one of the oldest fountain pen ink manufacturers in the world. Of course I ordered something brown and something green to test this brand out. I must say, I am so, so, so happy with it. Writing samples and ink reviews tomorrow!

In this photo:
De Atramentis Inks from Elias Notebooks – Facebook page and website
Moss green, 2-pen soft leather case – Elias Notebooks
Parker 75s in sterling silver cisele