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#FPOTD: Bexleys and Sheeny, Shady Ink


My pens for the day are two Bexleys (Corona and BX802), both with 1.1mm nibs from Goulet and inked with two of the most fun inks I have in my collection; Bilberry and Apache Sunset. If you use a pen with just the right amount of wetness and broadness, on paper like Elias journal which is just the right amount of smoothness and absorbency, the result can be magical. It’s one of the reasons I try out many different paper with my fountain pen. Not all kinds of paper can show off the properties of ink, like shading or sheen. This combination hits the spot perfectly. 🙂

Ink Swab: Diamine Bilberry

diamine bilberry001

I ‘ve been looking for a beautiful shade of blue to fit my Bexley Corona Blueberry Cream. So far, all the blue inks I tried didn’t flow too well or the color isn’t exactly fitting to the pen’s personality (why yes, pens do have a personality).

I love this ink. It flows super well with my Corona, it’s very wet and shows shading effortlessly in wider nibs. It dries to a very bilberry-looking shade, and I was surprised to find that it had I think either a gold or red sheen.


That’s pretty gorgeous. I filled up a page in my journal using this combination (Bexley Corona with 1.1 Goulet stub and Bilberry) and it’s pretty gorgeous! I love it.