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The Handwritten Comment Giveaway (Part 1)

In the spirit of sharing and encouraging people to rediscover the pleasure of fountain pens, I’m going to have three giveaways of pens, inks and paper. This giveaway is open only to residents of the Philippines (because, shipping).


1. Participants must answer the question “What’s your favorite quote?”

2. Participants must write their comments, take a picture of it and either post it on their blogs or upload it to a free photo-sharing site like Flickr and share the link on the comments section of this entry. You may also follow me on Instagram (@siopaopei) and tag me in your photo comment entry. Posts made on the FB Group under the post I started can also be considered as an entry.

3. Please, only wholesome comments are allowed. No swear words, sexual innuendos, and offensive comments.

4. Winners will be picked by a randomizer on Friday, March 20, 2015.

5. Winners will be contacted via email or private message (whichever is applicable). Prizes unclaimed in two days will go to the next random pick.

The Prizes for Part 1

For part 1 of this contest, I’m giving away a new Pilot Metropolitan with an M nib complete with box and converter, plus a 30ml bottle of Diamine Majestic Purple and a small notebook from All and Sundry.


The second giveaway will be on April, and the third on May (which is my fountain pen anniversary of sorts), so stay tuned!

Ink Swab: Diamine Macassar


I love brown and green inks. I have several shades of those color in my ink collection. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a small bottle of Diamine Macassar to go with my new Elias journal. I didn’t try it immediately because I’m still enjoying my other new brown inks. I was only able to try it recently and I think the color matches my TWSBI Micarta perfectly. It’s a serious shade of Dark brown. Almost like dark chocolate. It’s so dark that it has a velvety rich vibe to it. I used it with Edison Pearlette’s 1.1mm nib and the ink looks almost black.


Drying time is a little slow on Elias paper, about 30 seconds. It’s faster on the first photo (TWSBI Notebook), about 10 seconds. It’s a pretty wet ink, though also very well-behaved. It didn’t cause nib creep and (depending on the paper) it does show some shading, but not too much. It really is a formal-looking brown.

I should do a lineup of my top brown inks. It’s the perfect excuse to buy more. You know, for the purpose of trying them out before I pick the top 15. Or 20. Hrhrhr.

Ink Swab: Diamine Denim

My favorite blue black ink is Noodler’s Blue Black. It’s the kind of ink that makes you do a double-take because you can’t figure out if it’s really black or blue. Unfortunately, it’s always out of stock at Scribe Writing Essentials. It gets sold out as soon as it arrives (I should probably ask for a bottle to be reserved for me).

I did find a decent dark blue ink this week, though–Diamine Denim.


This was part of a package offered by Elias Notebooks (buy a journal and add +100 for a 30ml bottle of Diamine Ink). Since I bought a large and small journal, I also bought Diamine Denim and Macassar along with them. Macassar is also quite luscious. I would describe it as black-brown or dark chocolate.

Anyway, Diamine Denim is exactly the color of dark denim. It’s still more on the blue side rather than on the black side like how I prefer blue black inks, but this dark blue is very beautiful. It’s a formal blue, a subdued tone compared to other bright blue inks. It’s highly saturated and does not show too much shading when used with wet writers. In low light, it can pass for black. It also doesn’t change its color too much after drying for a while. It just darkens a bit after a day or two.


It’s also pretty well-behaved. It flows well, does not clog or dry up, not prone to nib creep either. It dries a little bit slow, but that could just be because I tested it with one of my wet writers (Pelikan M200, medium). It’s a pretty gorgeous shade of dark blue, immediately making it to my top three favorite blue inks.

By the way, I’m using Elias Notebooks for my ink journal now. It’s got the best paper I’ve tried so far. Brings out the ink properties very nicely.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Elias Notebooks. I buy my own pens and paper products. 😉 

Y U Break My Heart?!


My absolute favorite ink with the Edison Pearlette is Diamine Sepia. I’ve been having so much fun with this pen and ink combo but I just recently noticed that when used for long writing, it tends to dry out. I thought something was wrong with the pen because the same thing happened when I loaded it with Diamine Macassar.

So I did a lot of troubleshooting on it. After a lot of flossing, flushing, soaking, soaping, and ultrasonic cleaning, the problem still persisted. I realized that after writing two pages, the feed begins to starve. I was getting ready to return it to Scribe when I thought…maybe I can try another ink with it? Something that flows wetter than the brown inks I tried?

So I loaded it with Bilberry and wrote two pages. Lo and behold, it wrote perfectly. This only meant one thing…Pearlette and Diamine Sepia…not an OTP. 🙁 (cue music…where do broken hearts goooo? can they find their way hooooome?)

I loaded the pen with Diamine Ochre and so far, so good. It writes superbly, except that it’s not Sepia. The color of Sepia is perfect for the color of the pen. I’m so saaaad. Oh well, pen geek problems. 🙁 I guess I’m just gonna have to find the perfect brownish-yellowish ink for it. Maybe Iroshizuku Ina-Ho? I guess I’ll find out when I get my order from Create Crafts. 🙂

Ink Swab: Diamine Terracotta (150th Anniversary Ink)


I’m very partial to brown and green inks. I’ve several brown inks and a couple that are supposed to be close to the color of terracotta. However, I found that Diamine Terracotta anniversary ink is my favorite brown ink (the second would be Sepia, also by Diamine).


It comes in pretty boxes designed with print that is reminiscent of art deco designs. It’s a pretty package for a pretty ink.


The bottle is triangular, and when you put all the anniversary ink bottles together, they form a circle.


If I absolutely have to pick just one brown ink to use my entire life, this would be the current winner. This ink flows wonderfully wet, it’s pretty easy to show off the shading even in paper that doesn’t usually show shading. The paper I used below is from Elias Notebook. I decided to rebuild my ink journal using that paper because it shows off the characteristics of the ink effortlessly. The shading and sheen are accentuated beautifully.


The ink flows wet whether in fine or broader nibs. My favorite pen to pair it with is my TWSBI Micarta. Whether I’m using the cursive italic nib done by Pentangeli or the regular Medium nib that came with it, the ink flows wonderfully wet and the shading is just gorgeous.  Continue reading “Ink Swab: Diamine Terracotta (150th Anniversary Ink)”

#FPOTD: Bexleys and Sheeny, Shady Ink


My pens for the day are two Bexleys (Corona and BX802), both with 1.1mm nibs from Goulet and inked with two of the most fun inks I have in my collection; Bilberry and Apache Sunset. If you use a pen with just the right amount of wetness and broadness, on paper like Elias journal which is just the right amount of smoothness and absorbency, the result can be magical. It’s one of the reasons I try out many different paper with my fountain pen. Not all kinds of paper can show off the properties of ink, like shading or sheen. This combination hits the spot perfectly. 🙂

A Happy Shade of Blue

I’ve been looking for ink that is obviously blue but of a happier, less common shade. Not like ballpoint pen blue, but something a bit different and out of the ordinary. After trying out a lot of blue, I ordered one bottle of Diamine Asa Blue that came in the mail today.

asa blue

It reminds me of the color motif at one of our favorite Greek restos. This is a very vibrant, Mediterranean shade of blue. It also has a wet flow and shows good shading. It certainly flows better than the royally disappointing Parker Quink Blue and Blue Black. I think I’ll keep this in my weekly rotation of ink.

The ink color has a backstory, though, according to one member of FPN-P. Diamine’s director, Christine Joynson, told her that the inspiration for this color came about on a Mediterranean cruise. The singer on board the cruise ship had the most fantastic blue eyes. His name is Asa Murphy. Hence, Asa Blue. 🙂 Imagine how beautifully blue Mr. Murphy’s eyes must be.  Continue reading “A Happy Shade of Blue”

Ink Swab: Diamine Bilberry

diamine bilberry001

I ‘ve been looking for a beautiful shade of blue to fit my Bexley Corona Blueberry Cream. So far, all the blue inks I tried didn’t flow too well or the color isn’t exactly fitting to the pen’s personality (why yes, pens do have a personality).

I love this ink. It flows super well with my Corona, it’s very wet and shows shading effortlessly in wider nibs. It dries to a very bilberry-looking shade, and I was surprised to find that it had I think either a gold or red sheen.


That’s pretty gorgeous. I filled up a page in my journal using this combination (Bexley Corona with 1.1 Goulet stub and Bilberry) and it’s pretty gorgeous! I love it.

Happy Day on the Pen Front!

It’s always a happy day when the courier comes with packages! Haha. One was a complete surprise, though. I was only expecting one package to arrive. This one is a gift from my husband. It’s a Parker 88, which I think is based on the design of the vector, except it’s bigger and heavier due to the lacquered metal body. It was manufactured in the late 1980’s as a tribute to contemporary European design. This particular color is called Laque Ivory. It has maroon and gold trims and was manufactured in 1989. This color was discontinued in 1991, so it was only produced for two years. I think the color is very pretty! Look at that gorgeous arrow clip. <3


He also gave me a Pilot Birdie and a couple of cute notebooks. The package came with a leather satchel, which was from my brother-in-law.


I think it’s awfully sweet of the boys to find me exactly what they thought I would enjoy. 🙂


Another package came from my favorite ink seller. So far he has shipped items to me twice, and it’s always a challenge to open them. Haha. It takes me quite a while to cut through all that packing material.

IMG_1053     IMG_1054

I’m not complaining, though. I love that he takes great care in packing the stuff that he ships. In this case…


Happy, happy, joy, joy, joooooy!