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Reds, Pinks, and Oranges!

Red inks are a revelation to me. I’ve never seen much use for them except for correcting papers and since I don’t teach anymore, I saw no use for such reproachful-looking inks. However, I discovered that if I opened myself for new things, I’d find that I might actually like them. My first red ink was Diamine Oxblood. That took the dislike of red inks away pretty effectively. It’s still my favorite red ink. I ventured into oranges and pinks, and it’s been pretty interesting so far. Below are some samples of red, pink and orange inks.

Diamine Ink Samples are available at Elias Notebooks

See how vibrantly red-black Diamine oxblood is? It writes dark too and dries up darker. When I write with it, it does look like you’re writing with flowing blood, not superficial ruby-red blood. It becomes darker as it dries up too, like real blood.

I’m not very well-versed with pink inks but I think Amaranth is pretty. It reminds me of old rose, except it has a slight purplish hue to it. I like it a lot. There are a few inks that would make pretty highlighters or used for underlining and annotations, especially Hope Pink, Cerise and Peach Haze. Diamine Pink is adorable. It’s such a soft, subtle shade of pink that is a lot of fun to write with. Among the pinks that I tried, I would say that my favorite is Amaranth. I can see myself use it for everyday writing and annotations.

The reds are also pretty diverse. Aside from Oxblood, Diamine Strawberry is also interesting because it has this weird glow about it. It’s like luminescent red. It looks like it has some gold sheen to it, which would be more apparent with wetter writers. Then there are the interesting red shades like Ancient Copper, which looks like you’re actually writing with rust.

I’ve heard that some people have had issues with Ancient Copper crusting on their pens. I personally only experienced mild crusting in my Parker 88 (which has a nib that has no breather hole), though the crusting did not interrupt the flow. To be safe, I would recommend you use this with a pen that has good flow and to make sure that you thoroughly wash and flush out the pen to prevent Ancient Copper from mixing with other ink residues.

Monaco Red and matador both have this brick red shade to them and they’re pretty vibrant when dry. I’d say my favorite red would still be Oxblood, but I am definitely digging Ancient Copper, Wild Strawberry and Matador too.

I wrote a few ink reviews of individual colors, which I’ll explore more in the future. 🙂

Do you have a favorite red/pink/orange ink?

Used in this article:
Several Diamine ink samples from Elias Notebooks
Paper – Lined, large Elias Notebook
All samples are written with a Cross Century II, medium nib

Note: I realize that swabbing is a good way to have a general idea of the color of inks, but writing out the swatches gives me a better visualization of what the ink will actually look on paper when used with a fountain pen.

Ink Swab: Diamine Wagner

This is a very beautiful, interesting-looking ink color. It’s certainly a color that would make you look twice. In wider/broader nibs, it’s a rich golden olive green color, but in finer nibs it tends to be more of a yellow-green shade. I like using it in my medium, stub and CI nibs that are wet writers because it shows off the shading quite beautifully. The review in the photos was written with a Bexley Corona and a 1.1mm Goulet nib.

Ink Swab: Diamine Safari (Anniversary Ink)


Ahhh, the long wait is over. I’ve waited for the anniversary inks to be available again and now they are! When this came through courier this morning, I can hardly wait to try it.


I’ve had my eye on this color since the anniversary inks were released a few months back. I love green and brown inks and inks that seem to be mixtures of green and brown. Diamine’s anniversary ink is a beautiful safari green, and it was love at first write.


I used a TWSBI Micarta and a piece of ivory-colored Bevania Splendorgel cardboard paper on this review. I have a feeling the ink would look even more awesome in wider nib grades.


This ink is close to burma road brown, but is more decidedly green than brown. It looks like olive green with undertones of brown and yellow, which makes for interesting shading. Speaking of which, the shading on this ink is spectacularly expressive. Much like the other Diamine anniversary inks (especially Terracotta). This ink’s character really shines through even if I’m using TWSBI Micarta’s medium nib (which looks more like a fine nib). It’s like Diamine Dark Olive (POGI) splashed with a  bit of golden brown.


The ink flows pleasantly wet and dries fast (10 seconds). It’s not very water resistant, though. Soaking it in some drops of water for 30 seconds washed most of the ink away, although some traces can still be seen, enough to make out the lines drawn.

Here are a few closeups of writing samples. Note the wonderful shading of the ink.


Overall, I think Diamine Safari is a wonderful green ink. I love, love, love it a lot! It’s unusual and beautiful without being too crazy. I can definitely use this for daily writing.

Ink Swab: Diamine Sepia


Thank goodness for 30ml bottles of ink. We’re able to try out some colors before we commit to a big bottle. I tried out a small  bottle of Diamine Sepia a while back and was pretty pleased with the experience. I have this in my to-order list once I use up the small bottle. Oh no, I jumped ahead of myself. Haha.


This ink is a lovely shade of brown. Not exactly what I would use for daily writing because it’s an uncommon shade. This ink color is one of the best brown shades that I’ve used. It’s an old-timey sort of brown with gorgeous sheen. It truly looks like aged paper. When used on ivory-colored paper, the effect is so beautifully vintage-looking.


My only gripe about this ink is that it tends to flow a bit dry. It’s my first choice as the ink for my Edison Pearlette but it seems to show flow problems after writing two pages or so. It flows moderately wet with my other wet writers. Even if it’s on the dry side, I appreciate its beautiful color a lot. It dries in about 15 seconds, it’s not waterproof and not particularly water resistant either.

Here are a few closeups of the writing sample.