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Ink Swab: Diamine Terracotta (150th Anniversary Ink)


I’m very partial to brown and green inks. I’ve several brown inks and a couple that are supposed to be close to the color of terracotta. However, I found that Diamine Terracotta anniversary ink is my favorite brown ink (the second would be Sepia, also by Diamine).


It comes in pretty boxes designed with print that is reminiscent of art deco designs. It’s a pretty package for a pretty ink.


The bottle is triangular, and when you put all the anniversary ink bottles together, they form a circle.


If I absolutely have to pick just one brown ink to use my entire life, this would be the current winner. This ink flows wonderfully wet, it’s pretty easy to show off the shading even in paper that doesn’t usually show shading. The paper I used below is from Elias Notebook. I decided to rebuild my ink journal using that paper because it shows off the characteristics of the ink effortlessly. The shading and sheen are accentuated beautifully.


The ink flows wet whether in fine or broader nibs. My favorite pen to pair it with is my TWSBI Micarta. Whether I’m using the cursive italic nib done by Pentangeli or the regular Medium nib that came with it, the ink flows wonderfully wet and the shading is just gorgeous.  Continue reading “Ink Swab: Diamine Terracotta (150th Anniversary Ink)”

#FPOTD: Bexleys and Sheeny, Shady Ink


My pens for the day are two Bexleys (Corona and BX802), both with 1.1mm nibs from Goulet and inked with two of the most fun inks I have in my collection; Bilberry and Apache Sunset. If you use a pen with just the right amount of wetness and broadness, on paper like Elias journal which is just the right amount of smoothness and absorbency, the result can be magical. It’s one of the reasons I try out many different paper with my fountain pen. Not all kinds of paper can show off the properties of ink, like shading or sheen. This combination hits the spot perfectly. 🙂

A Happy Shade of Blue

I’ve been looking for ink that is obviously blue but of a happier, less common shade. Not like ballpoint pen blue, but something a bit different and out of the ordinary. After trying out a lot of blue, I ordered one bottle of Diamine Asa Blue that came in the mail today.

asa blue

It reminds me of the color motif at one of our favorite Greek restos. This is a very vibrant, Mediterranean shade of blue. It also has a wet flow and shows good shading. It certainly flows better than the royally disappointing Parker Quink Blue and Blue Black. I think I’ll keep this in my weekly rotation of ink.

The ink color has a backstory, though, according to one member of FPN-P. Diamine’s director, Christine Joynson, told her that the inspiration for this color came about on a Mediterranean cruise. The singer on board the cruise ship had the most fantastic blue eyes. His name is Asa Murphy. Hence, Asa Blue. 🙂 Imagine how beautifully blue Mr. Murphy’s eyes must be.  Continue reading “A Happy Shade of Blue”

Ink Swab: Diamine Bilberry

diamine bilberry001

I ‘ve been looking for a beautiful shade of blue to fit my Bexley Corona Blueberry Cream. So far, all the blue inks I tried didn’t flow too well or the color isn’t exactly fitting to the pen’s personality (why yes, pens do have a personality).

I love this ink. It flows super well with my Corona, it’s very wet and shows shading effortlessly in wider nibs. It dries to a very bilberry-looking shade, and I was surprised to find that it had I think either a gold or red sheen.


That’s pretty gorgeous. I filled up a page in my journal using this combination (Bexley Corona with 1.1 Goulet stub and Bilberry) and it’s pretty gorgeous! I love it.

Ink Swab: Diamine Onyx Black

Diamine Onyx Black001

I fell in love with my Parker 51 after inking it with an old bottle of Parker Quink black. But since the ink is pretty old, it’s not purely black as it dries. I see that it tends to be a little brownish. So I set out to find a better black ink that’s relatively safe for vintage pens and I ended up with Diamine Onyx Black. I love this black ink. It tends to be wetter than Quink (in my experience, at least) and flows smoothly in my Parker 51, which has become my standard pen for black ink.

Ink Swab: Diamine Oxblood

diamine oxblood001

I was a bit reticent to try out red inks because I’m not sure if I’ll want to use it on my journals. I don’t typically write with red ink. However, many people from FPN-P show off their writing using different shades of red and that really encouraged me to try it.

I think Diamine Oxblood is more like red-black. For most of my wet writers, it’s really, really dark red with a shading of a slightly lighter red. I love that the read is not too glaring and it’s not difficult to read when I use it for journal entries.

Ink Swab: Diamine Dark Olive Green

diamine dark olive001

I’ve been trying to find a green that’s the right amount of dark to be called “dark olive green” and when my Hemisphere came back from a nibmeister filled with this ink, I knew this is the one I’ve been looking for. It’s a custom-mix ink, though. A member of FPN-P only had 150 bottles of it mixed. I hope he can request more when he runs out. The scan doesn’t do justice to how pretty this ink is in person.