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How to Make a Pen Case Divider

There are a lot of great leather pen cases out there but not many of them have individual dividers. This is of course important because pens can rub against each other while inside the pen case and they might get scratched. So one of the members of FPN-P gave me some tips on how to make my own divider and I tried it today. The result is quite satisfactory, although not perfect yet because I don’t have the proper tools. I think it would be better to attempt this with tailor’s shears rather than a small pair of scissors like I did. That would prevent the cloth from fraying in the edges. Anyway, here’s a simple tutorial.

1 Piece of cardboard that’s not too thick but not too thin
A small square of velvet cloth
Contact cement
Ruler and pencil

1. Make a pattern for your divider. I like my divider to not take up so much space in the case because I’m going to put bigger pens in it. So I opted for a T-shaped pattern.


Be sure to measure the pattern according to your pen case, and that the divider will be shorter than the interior of your case. This is to make sure that the pens will be easier to pull out.

2. Measure out a square of velvet to cover both the back and the front of your pattern plus a little extra on the edges.

3. Next, I glued the middle part together so it becomes like a letter T.


4. Slather the cardboard pattern with contact cement. I put the rugby on the front first, applying it with a brush. Then glue the cardboard onto the velvet fabric, making sure that the fabric is not wrinkled. Then when the front is done, apply contact cement on the back and wrap the remainder of the fabric.


5. Sew the two ends of the divider shut. I’m not sure if you can see it here but I ran out of black thread so I used brown instead ¬†haha. Lazy. After sewing the two ends of the divider, cut off the excess fabric as close to the stitch as possible. Take a candle and very carefully seal the excess fabric by burning the ends.

Leave the divider out for a while to get the rugby smell out of it. The result is quite effective. Not bad for a first try. ūüôā

The divider is partially pushed in. It’s about an inch shorter than the case.

IMG_1457        IMG_1456