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Pens Through the Years

Fountain Pen Network Philippines will  be joining the celebration of Fountain Pen Day on the first weekend of November. I was invited to submit some artwork along with other fellow members of FPN-P. I’m usually really shy about showing people my art in person, but I figured that it might be a fun way to give back to the community and meet other artists as well.

I kind of agonized over what to submit, what paper to use, etc. I redid this a few times because I had some details wrong (plating color of a clip here, nib color there). But last night I was able to finish my final pieces.


Overall, I enjoyed the process of making these two pieces a lot. Using fountain pen ink in the washes is challenging because it gets absorbed by the paper almost as soon as you brush it on. Mixing it with a lot of water helps. It’s also very fascinating to read about the pens again and see the tiny little details that make each pen unique. These two are collection of pens from Sheaffer and Parker through the years. There’s a lot of different kinds of pens to choose from, so I picked several that were made in different decades. It was really so much fun, and it reminded me again why I love vintage pens, especially Parker pens (I’m a Parker gal). They don’t make ’em like they used to.

This year’s Fountain Pen Day celebration will be on November 5-6, at the 3rd floor Atrium of SM Aura. Aside from the art exhibit, there will be other activities like calligraphy demonstrations for adults and kids, and pop up stores for fountain pen/calligraphy fans.

Save the Date!

I wasn’t able to attend the festivities last year, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to attend this year. But to all who are interested, Fountain Pen Network Philippines is celebrating Fountain Pen Day on November 7, 2015 at Century City Mall, Makati. If you’re a fountain pen enthusiast (or have one in your life), make a day of it! It’s gonna be fuuuuun! Some of the activities to look forward to are calligraphy workshops, pen and ink art exhibits, sketching session, and many more. Get to know other fountain pen fans as well, and meet people who are passionate about preserving the art of the written word. Come join us! Read the press release here.

photo by Al Rio ^_^

Fountain Pen Day Celebration in the Philippines


Fountain Pen Day is celebrated worldwide on November 7. So somebody in FPN-P, with the help of a few members who contributed their artwork put together a 3-day long celebration for fountain pen enthusiasts. Some members of our community will be exhibiting their work; calligraphy, pen and ink drawings, etc. alongside Urban Sketchers Philippines.

A pen meet is also scheduled on November 8 (Saturday). I’ll be attending that one, for sure. If you’re a fountain pen enthusiast or you love art, come and drop by the exhibit! If you’re curious about fountain pens and want to meet people who have the same interests, come and join us!

Fountain Pen Day shall be celebrated at SM Aura, in between Starbucks and Uniqlo, Ground Floor, Nov. 6 to 8, 2014, Thursday to Saturday.