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Happy International Doughnut Day, Pen Friends!


After a long week, Saturdays are always like the proverbial light at the end of a tunnel. I usually sleep in, wake up late, read a lot, write a lot, and I don’t usually bother with cooking. Saturdays are awesome! It’s even more awesome today because it’s International Doughnut Day! Haha. My husband woke me up from my afternoon nap with a box of my favorite doughnuts. 🙂 Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a blast!

My pens for this weekend…cedar blue Parker 51 and Waterman Expert II.

Different Nibs

I made this writing sample for a friend who wanted to try out cursive italic nibs and wanted to see how different it wrote. My grip rotates a lot so I don’t get a lot of line variation from CI nibs but you can see in the photo below how different nibs can produce different kinds of writing.


Paper used: Elias Notebooks – so much shading! I love it.

FPOTD: Waterman Expert II and Hemisphere


I’m really happy to have these pens back together again, and I’m happy with how Pentangeli fixed both of them. These are my pens for the day. 🙂

Waterman Expert II (Left Oblique CI)- Private Reserve DC Supershow Blue
Waterman Hemisphere (Medium) – Diamine Oxblood

#FPOTD: Pilot Vanishing Point and Parker 88


The weather was beautiful this afternoon! I decided that instead of working cooped up in the library, I’d take it outside and enjoy the cool breeze. We live in a quiet area, and early mornings and late afternoons are always very peaceful. I worked on some reports and wrote a bit in my journal. Happiness.

I missed regularly writing in my journal. 🙂 I slowed down back in 2009 because I started working from home and I was always on the computer. Writing with a ballpoint pen added so much strain on my hand and wrist that I had to stop for long periods of time, and it was hard to get the momentum back. So I typed more than I wrote. Just being able to write again for long periods of time without straining my hand, that’s pretty awesome.

Pilot Vanishing Point – Sailor Miruai
Parker 88 Laque Ivory – Diamine Ancient Copper

A very Christmas-y combination indeed. 🙂