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Alunsina Handmade Leather Journal and Kislap


A couple of days ago, I got a much-awaited package in the mail. I’ve been waiting for my Alunsina leather journal and Kislap since last year, but these handmade notebooks take time to make since they’re made by hand and December is their peak season. They’re worth the wait, though.


I ordered the large journal which I intended to use as my quiet time journal for 2015. As always, I love the details of Alunsina’s handmade books. The stitches, the buckles, the smell (ohh, the smell)…everything’s just beautiful.

alunsinaklj-9      alunsinaklj-8

I’m not an expert on binding and the kinds of stitches and whatnot but I’ve always been fascinated at how they do the bindings for their journals. This journal that I ordered had two different colored and textured leather. I chose it because it had a simple design and the lock opens easily. The flap doesn’t get in the way of writing either.


The paper is fountain pen friendly, although the coating makes it hard for fine writers to leave ink. It handles my wet writers beautifully, though and as you can see in the photo above, there’s some show through but no bleed through. I used my Parker 51 inked with Burma Road Brown on it, which has a nib that’s medium to broad. The lines are written with Parker Sonnet with a ridiculously wet nib (which is why I don’t use it often). The paper handles my wet writers just fine. It has the feel of paper that’s slightly thicker than parchment and much smoother, if that makes any sense.


The Kislap (Kwaderno at ISang LAPis) is a traveler’s notebook like Midori, but I dunno, I really like this more MTN. Not to mention that it’s cheaper than Midori’s version. I picked this type and color of distressed leather because it looked like it  had more character to it. Again, the details of this notebook are just so beautiful.  Continue reading “Alunsina Handmade Leather Journal and Kislap”