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Review: Franklin Christoph Model 02 – Intrinsic


I’ve had a crush on this pen since last year, when I first started collecting and using fountain pens. I remember that the first Franklin Christoph pen I saw in the FPN-P Group’s FB page was the Model 40 pocket pen in smoke and ice. I promised myself I would someday get one for myself, but I am wary of purchasing online and shipping it to the Philippines. It’s a good thing Everything Calligraphy is now selling Franklin Christoph pens. I was torn between the Black and Cinnamaroon and Smoke and Ice. I spent a long time going back and forth, before I decided on buying the Smoke and Ice first and then perhaps the black and cinnamaroon for Christmas. 🙂


The pen absolutely did not disappoint. My first impression is that it looks very distinctive. The acrylic makes it look like I’m writing with a piece of icicle, and it’s way cool.


It’s a little bigger than I expected. At least the cap is bigger than I expected. The barrel is a bit oddly-shaped, half of it tapers a bit, so that you can post the cap, and it posts deeply. The photo below shows what the pen looks like when posted, which is shorter than it would usually be if the barrel didn’t have that weird-looking tapered half.


Isn’t it gorgeous, though? When it catches the light at a certain angle, it really makes you look twice. I am so tempted to turn it into an eyedropper (perhaps I will in the future), but I don’t think I can endure the thought of the ink staining the frosted texture inside the barrel.

The pen is not very hefty. I like posting it because the length is comfortable, and the cap does not make the pen top-heavy when posted. It’s actually one of the very few pens I prefer to use posted.

PB088428 PB088424

The cap band has “Franklin Christoph 02” tastefully etched around it. The nib too has a simple gothic F on it. I find that these little touches are very nice. Understated and not screaming for attention.


The finial also has a gothic F on it, and the four diamonds that are also engraved on the clip. I wanted to buy a pen with the emerald-colored finial, but then again I wanted to have a pen that is completely color-neutral.


Here’s a photo of the finial. I currently keep it in a two-pen slip case so I can pull it out easily. That’s a Faber Castell Emotion beside it. The cap of the Model 02 is definitely fatter.


The section of this pen is sufficiently long, for me. And I like that the thread is at the end of the section. That’s pretty nice. It means the threads aren’t biting into my fingers as I write. The threads are also larger but smoother than what we normally see on pens. This means that even if you hold the pen nearer to the end of the section, the threads might still not be bothersome for you. I like it a lot because the length of the section and the absence of the threads on it makes the pen such a joy to write with. I’ve had this for a couple of weeks and I really enjoy using it for long journal entries and letters. It’s an absolute joy to write with.

The nib is a steel 1.1mm stub. It’s smooth with a bit of feedback and writes moderately wet. I initially inked it with Iroshizuku Shin-Ryoku, but I changed the ink to J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor which flows much wetter. It might be a while before I ink it with anything else. The nib really brings out the beauty of the ink.

Here’s a writing sample of the pen  below:

Overall, I’m glad this pen is crossed out of my wishlist. I want to get another one, with a medium nib this time, and a different color. This pen looks and feels well-made. The workmanship is superb, it is well-balanced, and it writes so well. I’m pretty much in love with it. 🙂