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Gorgeous. Just Gorgeous.


I wasn’t feeling well today, I spent most of the morning coughing terribly and curled up under a blanket. This perked up my day, though! I’ve had this pen on my wishlist since last year. I remember I came across this brand while browsing some of the photos shared by members in the Fountain Pen Network Philippines’ FB group. The first pen that caught my attention was the Model 40 pocket pen. I already knew I wanted the smoke and ice design, although the black and cinnamaroon and emerald are close contenders. I went through a short pocket pen phase last year, but I’ve trimmed down my small collection of pocket pens to just one, and I realized that I’m not going to add more to that anytime soon except for a Kaweco ALSport. The Intrinsic’s size is more pleasant for me, now. I like it a lot. 🙂


I’ll try to take better photos for my upcoming review. The photos I took and those I see online don’t do justice to the pen at all. These are much prettier in person.


People usually use this as eyedroppers, but I’m hesitating. The ice acrylic is so clear and pristine, it would be a shame if it will get stained. Plus, I’m a little OCD about clear pens, which is why I don’t own demonstrators anymore, haha. It’s tempting though, because I know it would look marvelous! Maybe I’ll try it someday. I’m taking this out for a spin and will write a review soon. 🙂

Boy, am I so happy that Everything Calligraphy made this brand available locally! Happyyyyy!