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Ink Swab: Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo


I got this wonderful bottle of ink today as a gift from my pen bestie, Keshia. It’s my first Iroshizuku ink and I was very pleasantly surprised with it.

First off, I find the bottle so beautiful. It’s a gorgeous glass bottle that holds 50ml of gorgeous blue ink. It’s perhaps the¬†prettiest ink bottle in my small ink collection. I like that I can see the ink sloshing about, and that it has this little funnel at the bottom that makes it easier to get ink even when the ink level is getting low.


The mouth of the bottle is also sufficiently wide and I like that it’s convenient for filling large pens even at an angle.

The ink flows really well. This is a very wet ink, although it does not feather on fountain pen friendly paper. One time I was trying out this wet ink (J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage) and it feathered and bled through like nobody’s business on my Elias journal (which never feathers of bleed through). This ink flows smoothly but behaves very well on paper. It is a bit susceptible to nib creep, but that’s okay with me.


I find Tsuki-yo to be a rather pleasant shade of darkish blue with some hints of green. Not too dark that I’d consider it a blue-black, though. I’d say it has medium saturation and, for very wet writers, some reddish shading.¬† Continue reading “Ink Swab: Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo”