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Kaweco Sport Cognac

Ah, these little pocket pens. Sure, you end up inking them more frequently than full-sized pens but what the heck. They’re cute. I got this from Stationer Extraordinaire as a birthday gift to myself last September. I also ordered a bottle of Akkerman Hopjesbruin a few weeks after, without realizing that they’re the perfect pair in terms of color.

The package arrived earlier this week, it was carefully packed and included a really nice note. I always appreciate efforts like this, it adds a very personal touch to the service.

Kaweco Sport Cognac

The pen comes in a tin box, with a blue cartridge and 5 brown cartridges. It also included the clip.

Kaweco Sport Cognac

Since I also got the Akkerman ink on the same day, I decided to use that to try out the pen. Isn’t the pairing perfect? I think it is. 🙂 The ink flows really well with this pen, and it worked right out of the box. No baby bottom to smooth out this time, which is a relief.

Kaweco Sport Cognac

I loved the ink so much that I turned this pen into an eyedropper afterwards. I’m gonna have it in rotation for a while. 🙂 These pocket pens are just so cute. I’m gonna need another mini leather slip soon.

Kaweco Sport Cognac

Pocket Pens!

Kaweco Pocket Pens

I guess that in pen collecting, as with collecting other things, your focus shift from time to time as you discover new things. I used to not be impressed with pocket pens at all, which is why I practically gave away most of the pocket pens that I tried. Then I tried the Kaweco Liliput Brass, and I thought that it was awfully cute.

Kaweco Pocket Pens

I added a couple more pocket pens afterwards, and I have a few more coming this month and next. These little pens are just so adorable.

Kaweco Pocket Pens

My recent purchase is this Kaweco Sport Cappuccino. I think it’s a really nice-looking pen. It has a bit of a baby’s bottom, which I noticed is quite common in the Kaweco pens that I tried. It’s easily addressed anyway, so I didn’t stress out about that at all.

Kaweco Pocket Pens

Pocket pens can be great for those times when you just have too many things in your bag that you can’t fit your regular pen case in. Full disclosure…I often bring all of my pen cases anyway (one for my regular fountain pens, one for my brush pens, and one for my pocket pens). But in cases when you simply have no room for a big pen case, these little pocket pens can be really handy. If you’re travelling, and you need something that can withstand a lot of jostling and doesn’t take up a lot of space, these can be pretty handy too. The cartridges are also small.

I am quite impressed especially with the Kaweco Liliput brass which I’ve inked with Emerald of Chivor. Sometimes (because I have so many pens inked at any given time), I kind of forget that I have this in my bag. Perhaps the longest time that I forgot about it was a little over two months. I expected the worst, fearing that the ink had dried up and I have a lot of soaking and ultrasonic cleaning to do, but it just wrote right away without hard starting.


Naturally, the ink capacity is less than a regular pen, these pocket pens use smaller standard international cartridges. It’s good for a few pages’ worth of writing, though. You might need to refill more compared to full-sized pens, but you can still get a few days’ use on this, depending of course on how many pages you write. Perhaps the only downside is that you have to be more conscious about your ink level. It’s worth noting that the Kaweco Sport and Skyline can be converted to eyedroppers, which means bigger ink capacity. Another downside is that they can be easily misplaced because they’re just so small. I wish that Kaweco can come up with a clip or a roll stopper for their Liliput, but that kinda disrupts the clean design of the pen.

Don’t let the size fool you, these pens are dependable writers. ^_^

New Pen Acquisition: Kaweco Al Sport Stonewashed Blue and Kaweco Sport Demonstrator

I got a few nice pens today!


It’s the Kaweco Al Sport Stonewashed Blue and Kaweco Sport Demonstrator



P1040205 P1040206

Reviews to follow. My first impression on the pens–very good. I love the blue one, especially. The demonstrator is also good, but it has a little bit of a toothy feeling to it so I might need to have the nib smoothed out soon. In any case, today is a happy day!

Also, bought the J. Herbin Bleu Nuit and Sailor’s blue black ink.