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Review: Lamy Studio (Stainless Steel), Medium 14k Gold Nib

I’ve always found Lamy pens to be really pleasurable to use, but I must admit that the design, the material and construction of my Lamy pens (Safari) don’t impress me much. I like TWSBI’s hard plastic but I really, really don’t like Lamy Safari’s lighter plastic. Safari is popular with a lot of people, though. It’s light, easy to maintain and it’s a great entry-level fountain pen.

The nibs of Lamy pens in general, however, are always really reliable and write very well. I’ve seen the Studio and 2000 in National Bookstore and I’ve always been curious about them since they look nothing like Safaris, but I never tried holding them or looking closer. I like the 2000’s design, but I’m not crazy about the hooded nib. I prefer open nibs.

So, my husband bought me a Lamy Studio a few days ago as a birthday gift and it was delivered to our house this morning. I’m pleased to say that it was actually love at first touch.


The pen feels much lighter than it looks. It’s not uncomfortably heavy to hold *cough*sheaffer300*cough* and I love its texture. The body is made of brushed stainless steel. I think it’s not a texture that a lot of people will like on their pen, but I personally love it. It makes the pen easy to hold and interesting to look at. Everything about the design of this pen speaks of excellent German product engineering. It’s utilitarian, clean, minimalist, and no-frills. It seems very harmonious and seamless, for the most part.  Continue reading “Review: Lamy Studio (Stainless Steel), Medium 14k Gold Nib”

New Pen: Lamy Studio Stainless Steel with 14k Medium Nib

It’s a stormy morning and I was oversleeping, curled up in bed. I wasn’t expecting a package to come because of the storm and all, but it still came today.


It’s my husband’s birthday present for me. My first impression on this pen was…”ooooh, pretty” <3. I love Lamy pens because they are reliable writers. This one, however, took that love to a whole new level. I’ll write a review soon. I need to spend some quality time with this beauty. 🙂