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Parker Premier Monochrome Black

That’s a mouthful.

Parker Premier Monochrome Black

I first saw this pen in person last year, during the first big pen meet that I attended in Makati. The owner is a nice young man, well put-together, with a warm smile and a gorgeous green Vacumatic tucked into his shirt pocket. I asked if I could see his Parker Premier (which he dubbed The Batman Pen), and he happily opened his pen case to let me hold it. Gosh. I recall thinking what a handsome pen! And I carefully handed it back to him.

Modern Parker pens don’t really get my motor going. I find them so lacking in character compared with vintage pens, making it painfully obvious that Parker today isn’t what it used to be. This pen, though, I really liked. It’s perhaps the only modern Parker pen that I liked a lot. So when this nice young man put up this very gently used pen for sale (at half the retail price in National Bookstore), I snapped it up.

Parker Premier Monochrome Black

I’ve been using it to write, write, write the entire afternoon and evening yesterday. I’ve been literally writing until way into the wee morning hours. It’s so hard to put this pen down. I’ll take better photos for my upcoming review. 🙂

Warehouse Sale!

There’s this nondescript warehouse along Pasong Tamo (near the Ford dealership several meters away from Walter Mart) that we visited because my brother said that they had Cross fountain pens. We arrived early in the morning and I of course made a beeline for the Cross booth. These pens were on sale for over 80% off. They were being sold as a set of fountain pens and ballpoint pens. I picked the blue and matte black (gave the ballpoint pens to my brother and husband, and kept the fountain pens for myself).


Since my husband bought me a Cross Century II last year, it’s been one of my favorite pens. The nib is so smooth, even though it’s steel. It’s such a great writer. Other models of Cross were on sale, but I stuck with the Cross Century II because I love how it feels in my hand, the design of the nib, and the classic appearance. Personally, I think it’s such a pretty pen. These were the last two sets of Cross Century IIs (not sure if they will still have more next week, December 9-12). Merry Christmas to meeee! ^_^


Gorgeous. Just Gorgeous.


I wasn’t feeling well today, I spent most of the morning coughing terribly and curled up under a blanket. This perked up my day, though! I’ve had this pen on my wishlist since last year. I remember I came across this brand while browsing some of the photos shared by members in the Fountain Pen Network Philippines’ FB group. The first pen that caught my attention was the Model 40 pocket pen. I already knew I wanted the smoke and ice design, although the black and cinnamaroon and emerald are close contenders. I went through a short pocket pen phase last year, but I’ve trimmed down my small collection of pocket pens to just one, and I realized that I’m not going to add more to that anytime soon except for a Kaweco ALSport. The Intrinsic’s size is more pleasant for me, now. I like it a lot. 🙂


I’ll try to take better photos for my upcoming review. The photos I took and those I see online don’t do justice to the pen at all. These are much prettier in person.


People usually use this as eyedroppers, but I’m hesitating. The ice acrylic is so clear and pristine, it would be a shame if it will get stained. Plus, I’m a little OCD about clear pens, which is why I don’t own demonstrators anymore, haha. It’s tempting though, because I know it would look marvelous! Maybe I’ll try it someday. I’m taking this out for a spin and will write a review soon. 🙂

Boy, am I so happy that Everything Calligraphy made this brand available locally! Happyyyyy!

Happy Day on the Pen Front!

It’s always a happy day when the courier comes with packages! Haha. One was a complete surprise, though. I was only expecting one package to arrive. This one is a gift from my husband. It’s a Parker 88, which I think is based on the design of the vector, except it’s bigger and heavier due to the lacquered metal body. It was manufactured in the late 1980’s as a tribute to contemporary European design. This particular color is called Laque Ivory. It has maroon and gold trims and was manufactured in 1989. This color was discontinued in 1991, so it was only produced for two years. I think the color is very pretty! Look at that gorgeous arrow clip. <3


He also gave me a Pilot Birdie and a couple of cute notebooks. The package came with a leather satchel, which was from my brother-in-law.


I think it’s awfully sweet of the boys to find me exactly what they thought I would enjoy. 🙂


Another package came from my favorite ink seller. So far he has shipped items to me twice, and it’s always a challenge to open them. Haha. It takes me quite a while to cut through all that packing material.

IMG_1053     IMG_1054

I’m not complaining, though. I love that he takes great care in packing the stuff that he ships. In this case…


Happy, happy, joy, joy, joooooy!