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Ohai, Gateway Drug for Pelikans–Pelikan Tradition M200


I’ve resisted trying out Pelikan pens because, truth be told, I don’t like the green striated body (blasphemy, I know). Also, I wasn’t willing to pay a premium for it because I’m wary of paying extra just for the brand.

When this little beauty popped up in the marketplace for a really good price, I snapped it up. It arrived in the mail today, and oh it’s quite beautiful. 🙂 Small, but beautiful. I loaded it with dark olive, took it for a spin, and oh my gosh. What have I done? I’ve slipped down a slippery slope, indeed.

Reviews coming soon! Taking this pen out on a date today. 🙂

Today’s haul: TWSBI Micarta and Two New Ink Bottles


A trip to Scribe almost always end up the same way; with a haul, big or small. Haha. Today’s haul is awesome, though, because I’ve been waiting for this pen since I ordered it back in late August–the TWSBI Micarta. I ordered one with a clip and medium nib, but I decided that the clipless pen looked better.

I also bought a small bottle of Bleu Myosotis and Cafe Des Iles. It’s always better to buy smaller bottles first so you can see if you like them before you buy big ones. Of course I inked the TWSBI Micarta with Cafe Des Iles, because who doesn’t match their ink with their pens, right? 😀

Reviews coming soon, of course. 🙂


New Pen: Parker Frontier, Fine


I got this in the mail this morning (it came with the bottle of Quink). Another Parker pen from a fellow pen collector. My first impression of this pen is that I love how it looks. It looks kinda similar to my Sonnet except it is slightly fatter around the middle.


I’ve only begun my collection so I’m trying to feel my way around the different  brands that I like and I have to admit that Parker is really growing on me. I got this pen for a really, really low price (low even by eBay standards), but it writes so well! All my Parker pens have just been such solid writers. I’m hoping to make my way to vintage Parkers someday, though I’m also finding myself drawn towards vintage Watermans (Watermen? Waterpeople?).

Anyway, I’ll review this pen soon. I’m off to take it for a spin on my journals today. ^_^

New Pen: Lamy Studio Stainless Steel with 14k Medium Nib

It’s a stormy morning and I was oversleeping, curled up in bed. I wasn’t expecting a package to come because of the storm and all, but it still came today.


It’s my husband’s birthday present for me. My first impression on this pen was…”ooooh, pretty” <3. I love Lamy pens because they are reliable writers. This one, however, took that love to a whole new level. I’ll write a review soon. I need to spend some quality time with this beauty. 🙂

New Pens and Ink! Ohto Poche and Parker 45, Noodler’s Burma Road Brown


Today I went to Scribe to check out the new Noodlers’ Inks that arrived. I was hoping to snag some blue black, but they don’t have it in stock. What I got instead was the Burma Road Brown. I love brown inks and I found this color pretty interesting. It is brownish-green and, depending on the pen and paper, sometimes more brown and sometimes more green.


I made an ink swab of it and will review it soon.  Continue reading “New Pens and Ink! Ohto Poche and Parker 45, Noodler’s Burma Road Brown”

New Pen Acquisition: Kaweco Al Sport Stonewashed Blue and Kaweco Sport Demonstrator

I got a few nice pens today!


It’s the Kaweco Al Sport Stonewashed Blue and Kaweco Sport Demonstrator



P1040205 P1040206

Reviews to follow. My first impression on the pens–very good. I love the blue one, especially. The demonstrator is also good, but it has a little bit of a toothy feeling to it so I might need to have the nib smoothed out soon. In any case, today is a happy day!

Also, bought the J. Herbin Bleu Nuit and Sailor’s blue black ink.