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Review: Noodler’s Blue-Black Ink

Noodler's Blue-Black

My love for blue-colored inks was an acquired taste. I used to not enjoy blue inks at all. I consider Noodler’s Blue-Black sort of like my gateway drug for the color. I first tried it out when a fellow member of Fountain Pen Network Philippines sent me a small vial of it back in 2014. I liked it so much that when it ran out, I bought several blue-black inks only to be disappointed that they’re nowhere near as saturated and dark-colored as Noodler’s Blue-Black. Perhaps the second best blue-black ink that I’ve tried is Sailor’s blue black, but it’s a completely different-looking ink than this. I’m so happy that Everything Calligraphy asked for our favorite Noodler’s inks, and I was able to suggest this color.

Noodler's Blue-Black

I’m glad that it also did not come in the new plastic bottles. Eventually I know the stocks of glass bottles will run out and I’ll need to make do with the plastic ones, but until then, I will shudder at the thought of them. Noodler’s inks give you great value for money, I think. It’s a big 3oz bottle full to the brim (careful when you first open it) with all that inky goodness. A bottle will definitely last you a while. Noodler’s blue-black is what I like to call a proper blue-black ink, which is to say that it’s leaning heavily into the darker end of the color spectrum. For a highly-saturated ink, it’s still got a lot of character to it. Nice shading, some hints of red under certain kinds of light. It dries up relatively quickly (about 15 seconds) and has a nice flow to it. I would say its flow is moderate. It’s a nice, conservative, very dark blue ink suitable for daily writing. A pleasant surprise is that though it’s not completely water proof, much of the black component of the ink stays on the paper. Here are a few close ups of the writing sample.

Noodler's Blue-Black Noodler's Blue-Black
Noodler's Blue-Black Noodler's Blue-Black
Noodler's Blue-Black Noodler's Blue-Black

It’s a pretty nice shade of blue. That it’s pretty resistant to water is a plus. I highly recommend this ink for people who like blue ink or for those who aren’t sure if they like blue ink yet so they’re looking for something that isn’t a crazy blue color.

Used in this review:
Pelikan M600, Medium
Elias note pad
Noodler’s Blue-Black ink (I bought mine from Everything Calligraphy)

Ink Swab: Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium


A few weeks ago, I received a bottle of Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium from friends. I’ve long been curious about this ink since it’s not locally available (it was exclusively made for Goulet Pens). I am so happy that I was able to try this out.


My first impression was that it’s an uncomplicated, vibrant blue. It has no sheen to it, it’s not bling-y. It’s just a beautiful shade of vibrant, vivid blue. It dries up relatively fast. In my Waterman Expert II (photo above), which is a wet writer with a left oblique cursive italic nib, it dries up between 10 to 15 seconds.

The flow is also good. It hasn’t dried up on me yet, or clogged my nib, and I’ve been using it regularly since late last month. I like that it’s a very nicely saturated blue that you can use for daily writing. I also like that it has nice shading. Check out the close up shots of my writing samples below.


The shading is not crazy, but I think it’s beautiful. It’s slightly dark blue-darker blue. I like it a lot. There’s no nib creep either, for people who are bothered by that sort of thing.

It’s not exactly water proof, but it’s water resistant. Especially if you dry it out thoroughly first before testing. A pretty nice blue ink. I’m happy to add it to my ink collection. ^_^

Ink Swab: Noodler’s Burma Road Brown

noodlers burma road brown001

I just love brown, green, and yellow (all dark) inks. The darker, the better. I dropped by Scribe hoping to buy a proper blue black ink but I ended up with Noodler’s Burma Road Brown, which was something I stumbled upon while reading the forums of FPN-P this week. I decided to give it a try because the hue is a bit intriguing for me.


Here’s a writing sample using my pen with the broadest nib, my Waterman Hemisphere. Oh, I just loved it right out of the bottle. The paper used for this shot is Muji. Here is a close up of the letters and how they show off the gorgeous shading.


It’s like very dark brown with a mixture of dark green and a bit of a yellowish tint. I like the complexity of the color and that you can’t pinpoint for sure whether it’s brown, green, or yellow. Haha. Here’s a comparison with my favorite inks that are somehow similar to it; Diamine POGI and J. Herbin’s Lie de The.


Gorgeous colors, really. Burma Road Brown just made it to my favorite inks list. ^_^

Ink Swab: Noodler’s Blue Black Ink

Noodlers Blue Black001

 I love this ink so much. It’s my favorite blue-black ink. Other blue-black inks are just dark blue, but this one is my favorite because when you see it on paper, it really is hard to tell at first glance if it is blue or black. I received this as an ink sample from a pen club that I joined, and I like it so much, I’m determined to find this ink even if I need to buy it online. Scribe’s stores are running low on Noodler’s inks, unfortunately.