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#FPOTD: Pilot Vanishing Point and Parker 88


The weather was beautiful this afternoon! I decided that instead of working cooped up in the library, I’d take it outside and enjoy the cool breeze. We live in a quiet area, and early mornings and late afternoons are always very peaceful. I worked on some reports and wrote a bit in my journal. Happiness.

I missed regularly writing in my journal. 🙂 I slowed down back in 2009 because I started working from home and I was always on the computer. Writing with a ballpoint pen added so much strain on my hand and wrist that I had to stop for long periods of time, and it was hard to get the momentum back. So I typed more than I wrote. Just being able to write again for long periods of time without straining my hand, that’s pretty awesome.

Pilot Vanishing Point – Sailor Miruai
Parker 88 Laque Ivory – Diamine Ancient Copper

A very Christmas-y combination indeed. 🙂

Happy Day on the Pen Front!

It’s always a happy day when the courier comes with packages! Haha. One was a complete surprise, though. I was only expecting one package to arrive. This one is a gift from my husband. It’s a Parker 88, which I think is based on the design of the vector, except it’s bigger and heavier due to the lacquered metal body. It was manufactured in the late 1980’s as a tribute to contemporary European design. This particular color is called Laque Ivory. It has maroon and gold trims and was manufactured in 1989. This color was discontinued in 1991, so it was only produced for two years. I think the color is very pretty! Look at that gorgeous arrow clip. <3


He also gave me a Pilot Birdie and a couple of cute notebooks. The package came with a leather satchel, which was from my brother-in-law.


I think it’s awfully sweet of the boys to find me exactly what they thought I would enjoy. 🙂


Another package came from my favorite ink seller. So far he has shipped items to me twice, and it’s always a challenge to open them. Haha. It takes me quite a while to cut through all that packing material.

IMG_1053     IMG_1054

I’m not complaining, though. I love that he takes great care in packing the stuff that he ships. In this case…


Happy, happy, joy, joy, joooooy!