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Parker Premier Monochrome Black

That’s a mouthful.

Parker Premier Monochrome Black

I first saw this pen in person last year, during the first big pen meet that I attended in Makati. The owner is a nice young man, well put-together, with a warm smile and a gorgeous green Vacumatic tucked into his shirt pocket. I asked if I could see his Parker Premier (which he dubbed The Batman Pen), and he happily opened his pen case to let me hold it. Gosh. I recall thinking what a handsome pen! And I carefully handed it back to him.

Modern Parker pens don’t really get my motor going. I find them so lacking in character compared with vintage pens, making it painfully obvious that Parker today isn’t what it used to be. This pen, though, I really liked. It’s perhaps the only modern Parker pen that I liked a lot. So when this nice young man put up this very gently used pen for sale (at half the retail price in National Bookstore), I snapped it up.

Parker Premier Monochrome Black

I’ve been using it to write, write, write the entire afternoon and evening yesterday. I’ve been literally writing until way into the wee morning hours. It’s so hard to put this pen down. I’ll take better photos for my upcoming review. 🙂

1930’s to 1980’s


I took this when I was taking photos of pens that I wanted to use for a comparison of different clips in my review about my newly-acquired cedar blue Parker 51 yesterday. There are pens that are redundant in my collection (two of the same kind) so I just picked out one of each. I’m a Parker gal, and though I find a lot of vintage pens to be very, very beautifully done (and really, the workmanship in many of them is quite superb), I have a soft spot for Parker pens.

(L-R) Golden Brown Vacumatic, Azure Blue Pearl Vacumatic, 75, 51 Special, Cedar Blue 51 Vac, GF cap 51 Vac, 21, 51 Vac, 88

Here is a closer look at their clips. They’re all different in their own unique ways. I like the clips with the art deco arrows or those that are simpler versions of them. Like the Vacumatics and the 51’s and 75’s. The 88 (rightmost) has a nice clip too. The quiver is longer than usual. I guess my least favorite is the 21’s clip and the modern Parkers’ clips. I have to admit that modern Parkers don’t hold any appeal for me. They just look and feel different from the old Parkers. The clips, especially, look very uninspired and industrial. There’s not much character to them, and not much detail. I love how the old Parker clips’ quivers are detailed and exquisitely-made.

I have just a few more Parker 51 and Vacumatics’ colors on my wishlist and I’ll be quite happy with my collection. 🙂

My Quiver, So Far

L to R: Frontier (F), Sonnet (M), 45 (F), 45 Harlequin ballpoint pen, 51 (F)

So far, I am enjoying collecting Parker pens and learning about them. The entry-level pens are quite affordable and are, at the same time, really good writers. I didn’t include my jotters, I didn’t want to dig them out for the photo. 🙂 Hopefully I can get more vintage Parkers with medium nibs, someday.