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My Quiver, So Far

L to R: Frontier (F), Sonnet (M), 45 (F), 45 Harlequin ballpoint pen, 51 (F)

So far, I am enjoying collecting Parker pens and learning about them. The entry-level pens are quite affordable and are, at the same time, really good writers. I didn’t include my jotters, I didn’t want to dig them out for the photo. 🙂 Hopefully I can get more vintage Parkers with medium nibs, someday.

Comparison: Parker Sonnet and Parker Frontier

I got a matte black Parker Frontier in the mail this morning and I can’t help but feel a distinct sense of deja vu when I saw it. It kind of reminded me of the Parker Sonnet I got a few weeks back. So I decided to take side by side photos of the pens to check out their similarities and differences.

Note: Pardon the oily finger prints on the barrel, I was snacking on some cheese when I took these photos, haha.


Parker Sonnet’s at the top of the photo and the Frontier is at the bottom. Eeeeh, sorry for the greasy fingerprints. 🙁 Anyway, They’re about the same length, I would say. The Sonnet is a lot more svelte, though. it also has an almost uniform width around the entire barrel. The Frontier, on the other hand, looks to be a bit chubbier and has a slight bulge around the middle of the barrel. The trims are also wider and more obvious with the Sonnet.

When you hold them, the Sonnet feels heavier and more substantial. It’s really better-balanced than the Frontier. The Sonnet also posts, while the Frontier doesn’t.


The caps look similar, though I prefer the clip holder design of the Frontier over the Sonnet.  Continue reading “Comparison: Parker Sonnet and Parker Frontier”

Review: Parker Sonnet, Medium

I bought this used Parker Sonnet from another member of the Fountain Pen Network. It needed a bit of cleaning when I got it, but a nice long soak in water with mild soap really got the ink flow going on this one.


When I got the flow going, it’s an incredibly wet writer. This Parker Sonnet I got is matte black with gold trim, it’s a very handsome-looking pen. According to the date code, it was manufactured back in 2006. (Want to know how to date your Parker pen? Not romantically, okay? Date it, as in know when it was made, haha. Click here.)


The pen has a very elegant look to it, with its simple and classic design. The cap has a jewel on it, and the end of the barrel is shaped like a bullet or a cigar. Much like one of my favorites, the Rotring Freeway. I love pens that are shaped like this; all soft curves and understated elegance.  Continue reading “Review: Parker Sonnet, Medium”

New Pen Acquisition: Waterman Crusader, Medium and Parker Sonnet, Medium

P1040024Met up with another member of the Fountain Pen Network Philippines to buy some custom mix of Diamine we call POGI (Peter’s Olive Green Ink) and Oxblood. When I came  home, a pleasant surprise was waiting for me. Two new (old) pens arrived in the mail today. 


Oh, just look at that beautiful olive green ink. 🙂 Reviews coming up soonish. 🙂