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October Mini Pen Meet

Yes, that is a storm trooper hugging my Kaweco Liliput.

It’s always fun to meet up with friends who share the same hobbies as you. Yesterday, I braved the traffic of Manila (which I consider to be cruel and unusual punishment) and commuted all the way to Shangrila mall to meet up with wonderful people. Dean (that super talented artist behind Color Me Doodle adult coloring books), showed us how to use oblique holders and brush pens. I will admit that using those gorgeous holders of his makes me want one for myself. Those are works of art themselves, and they’re just positively exquisite. 🙂 I learned about how to use oblique holders, different kinds of nibs, priming the nibs, etcetera. It was a very educational and fun meet. Look a that gorgeous ornamental bird that he made with flourishes of his nib. That’s just pretty awesome.

There were pen testings, ink exchanges, etcetera. As always, the clutter on our table is directly proportional to the fun we were having. There was a lot of clutter. The awful commute was so worth it. 🙂

April FPN-P South Pen Mini Meet

I went to a mini pen meet with some members of the Fountain Pen Network Philippines last Saturday. I try and make it a point to join these mini meets once in a while because it’s also good to meet other people who have the same interests. I get to learn more about pens and also see pens that I’ve not seen before.


Here’s a member showing her Bexley anniversary pens. Aren’t they gorgeous? I think the colors are beautiful and the design is very classically American.


These are the finials of beautiful Pelikans and a Duofold Centennial from another member. They were all inked, so I was more than happy to try them all out!


Here’s the same collection side by side with my pen case. I brought some of my vintage pens, which I was more than happy to let others try too. My other pen case contained my modern pens. This one had my vintage Pelikan M200, Parker Vacumatics, Parker 51 and Sheaffer Lifetime Senior.


One of the members showed us her Cartier trinity, which is timelessly classy. It has three gold rings on the cap; yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. The nib is a springy and wettish medium.


One of the members also had a few new Danitrios. The body of these pens are really very beautiful. Here are a few shots of them:  Continue reading “April FPN-P South Pen Mini Meet”

First Big Pen Meet

I attended my first big pen meet today! Being a little introverted, it’s difficult for me to meet new people. This group is quite different, though. Everybody’s very nice, polite, accommodating and self-possessed. One of them repaired my Parker 51 Special pencil (so glad to have that back). Here are some of the pens that I saw at the meet:


It was my first time to see Montblanc’s Writers Editions and wow, they’re pretty amazing. My favorite is the Jonathan Swift and Mark Twain. Really gorgeous pens.


That is a gorgeous sight. And below, a closer look at the Mark Twain and Jonathan Swift pens.



Perhaps one of my favorite pens at the meet was this demonstrator Parker 51. I loooove Parker 51’s, and I’ve never seen a demonstrator in person. It’s absolutely lovely.


There were also Pelikans that I’ve never seen before.  Continue reading “First Big Pen Meet”

Custom Painted Pilot 78G and Makers Market Stash


I got this beautiful pen from our exchange gift this afternoon at a mini pen meet that I attended. It’s a red Pilot 78G, which is a great budget pen and all, but what made it really special was that it was painted by a local artist maki-e style. It’s kinda hard to capture the gold and silver colored flecks lacquered into it. Quite a gorgeous pen.

IMG_0537It’s a medium nib, and from what I’ve read about this pen, a very reliable workhorse of a writer. The body is plastic and very light, and would seem like a very nice pen to use for prolonged writing sessions (which is what I normally use them for). Also looks to be a Japanese medium, which is closer to a European fine. I’m excited to write a review about it. I’ve been meaning to go to Cosmos Bazaar and check if they had this in stock. Of course, being a work of art makes it quite unique and special. 🙂 I’m happy to have it in my collection.

I’m also very happy to have my Micarta back from one of our group’s nibmeisters, Pentangeli.

I know, I know, my penmanship sucks.

Pentangeli’s work on the nib is, as usual, quite amazing. It’s gone from a very boring factory medium to a cursive italic with all the fun line variations. The smoothness of the nib is also quite delicious. That touch of feedback is really growing on me, and (as silly as it sounds) makes me giggle with delight, haha.  Continue reading “Custom Painted Pilot 78G and Makers Market Stash”