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Pen of the Day and a Decidedly Retro Camera


My pen of the day is something I recently bought from Everything Calligraphy.ย I usedย ย to have three Lamy pens–a Lamy Umbra (Safari in charcoal black), Vista, and Studio. I gave the Vista to somebody who wanted to try out fountain pens, but I’ve been missing it since. I’m not really a fan of Lamy Safari, but I want the Vista as a partner to my Umbra to round off my Safari collection (until they come out with a nice-looking brown and green).

Oh, in the background of the photo above is a gift my husband gave me yesterday. I often include photos in my journal entries–I print them out on photo paper or I (less frequently) have them printed out at digital photo printing services. My husband thought it would be fun to give me something that would let me print photos instantly. This was actually on my Christmas wishlist, so I’m crossing it out early. He’s such a sweetheart.


It’s surprising that Instax cameras have developed a cult following in Asia. I’ve wanted one for a while now, but I never seem to get around buying myself one of these. Maybe because the designs were a little too colorful for me? This one’s the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic, and speaks of the distinctive, two-tone retro camera design. I really love the way that it looks. It’s also light, and has a lot of options that give you a lot of control over the photos you shoot. The lens collapses when you turn the camera off, so it’s not as bulky as other Instax cameras.


I think that one of the reasons why Instax camera appealed to me (aside from that magical feel of getting your photo printed out instantly), is that I like howย the photos you take with it are unique and cannot be reproduced. You can scan it and print it again, but it won’t be quite like the original print. It’s as unique as the moment it captures. ๐Ÿ™‚

I already started to include some photos in my journal entries last night (yes, they’re photos of my cat). It’s good that Instax film isn’t very bulky. The paper of my journal holds it up pretty well and it doesn’t really bulk up the pages too much. ๐Ÿ™‚

#FPOTD: Pilot Vanishing Point and Parker 88


The weather was beautiful this afternoon! I decided that instead of working cooped up in the library, I’d take it outside and enjoy the cool breeze. We live in a quiet area, and early mornings and late afternoons are always very peaceful. I worked on some reports and wrote a bit in my journal. Happiness.

I missed regularly writing in my journal. ๐Ÿ™‚ I slowed down back in 2009 because I started working from home and I was always on the computer. Writing with a ballpoint pen added so much strain on my hand and wrist that I had to stop for long periods of time, and it was hard to get the momentum back. So I typed more than I wrote. Just being able to write again for long periods of time without straining my hand, that’s pretty awesome.

Pilot Vanishing Point – Sailor Miruai
Parker 88 Laque Ivory – Diamine Ancient Copper

A very Christmas-y combination indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s An Awesome Week


I scheduled four long days of “me time” this week. This usually means immersing myself in studying the Word and in prayer, and also squeezing in some time to write in my journal. It’s always fun to do this. I rarely get to schedule long blocks of time to do something like this.

Today I tried to get some journal writing done. There have been a lot of fun things that happened this month and unfortunately I just didn’t have the time to write it down. I appreciate these quiet moments when I can do this because it’s like recalling the details of those events and committing them to memory. I can take a moment to ponder these things, form my thoughts about them and describe how much happiness it brought…brings to me. It helps me be more attentive to these moments and also more thankful about them.

Bexley BX802 – Sailor Miruai
Pelikan M200 – Diamine POGI
Journal – Elias Notebook

#FPOTD: TWSBI Micarta. Again.


I’ve been limiting myself to only two pens every two days so that my journal doesn’t look so…psychedelic with the wide variety of inks I’ve been using. Today I’m using my TWSBI Micarta with the medium cursive italic nib custom-ground by Pentangeli. I’ve been rotating this pen with other pens this past few weeks because I just cannot be without it yet. So this coming couple of days, it’ll be TWSBI Micarta and Pelikan M200, although I’ve yet to use my Pelikan.

I inked this pen with Sailor Blue Black, and almost had a cow when I saw that the darned ink stained my pen’s section. I’ve used several inks on this pen but it’s never stained before. This one was particularly stubborn. I got a wet tissue and vigorously rubbed it for a few minutes before the stain finally came off. Ugh. I like the blue color, though.

FPOTD: TWSBI Micarta with Medium Cursive Italic


I wrote about the TWSBI Micarta being my first pen that I sent in to a local nibmeister (Pentangeli) for a custom grind. I’m really happy with it and after inking it with a very bright Apache Sunset, I decided to try it with Edelstein Amber, which has always been quite a dry ink for me. The result is a very pleasant combination. The ink looks almost like caramel on paper. ๐Ÿ™‚

FPOTD: Waterman Hemisphere Red Marble (Inked with Noodler’s Tiananmen Red)


Lovely pairing…Waterman Hemisphere red marble inked with Noodler’s Tiananmen Red and red velvet cake. Yummy!

I’ve been using my Waterman Hemisphere so often these past few days since I got the nib reground by J.P. Pentangeli. I love it! I cannot get enough of how well it writes now. It’s writing exactly the way that I want it to write; a slightly stubbish and moderately wet medium. Perfection.

You can find JP at the FPN-P forum or FB Group. I’m also getting the Micarta nib that I had him reground to a medium cursive italic on Saturday. I’m so excited!

FPOTD: Wahl-Monitor Vintage Pen


My fountain pen of the day is a pretty interesting one. A friend of mine gave this to me out of three celluloid vintage pens that she bought. It’s a pretty rough-looking Wahl-Monitor (a sub-brand of Wahl) with a stub fine nib. Filling mechanism is still good, but I’m not very used to using stub nibs. I miss the iridium tipping. In any case, it is an interesting pen to write with.


I love the style of the cap and clip. Very period-looking. The pen’s really rough, like it’s been through the Vietnam war and back, but it’s fascinating how it still works perfectly.