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Review: Pilot 78G, Fine


I love Pilot fountain pens. I think their entry level pens offer the best value for money. I often buy Metropolitans and 78Gs and somehow I still find myself running out of them because I often give them to people who are not yet familiar with fountain pens, to help get them started with the hobby.


I bought this pen from Everything Calligraphy, and I’m glad they still have black 78Gs because this color is always out of stock whenever I try to buy from other local sources. I think that the appeal of the 78G is that it doesn’t look like an entry level pen. I like the design a lot, especially this color. The black and gold-colored trims look very presentable.


I like the squarish clip of this pen. The pen is very light in the hand. I prefer the weight of the Metropolitan, but this does make it easier to use for long writing or drawing sessions. The pen uses a proprietary squeeze converter. The cap twists off the barrel and posts comfortably at the end of the pen. This pen, I prefer to use posted just for the added weight of the cap.


The length is pretty decent too,here it is with a Pilot Vanishing Point. The length is very comfortable in the hand. Even the length of the section is very comfortable. The material of the body is plastic, and of course it doesn’t feel very thick or sturdy. I haven’t dropped any of my 78G’s yet, but I don’t think it will survive a fall. At least your heart will survive if you drop it, it’s not ridiculously expensive.


The best feature of this pen though is its nib. As always, Pilot’s nibs are just excellent. Even their entry level pens are smooth, wet writers. You would be surprised at how the nib is at par with many of my mid level pens. They tend to be really fine, though (because these are Japanese nibs).

IMG_2791I usually prefer medium nibs for everyday writing, but of course there are times when you need to use fine nibs because of paper quality. Government forms, for example, would not be suitable for medium nibs. I bought this pen for my drawings, though. Here’s an example of a quick sketch. The fine nib of this 78G is not as fine as a Pilot Birdie’s, but it is fine enough to be used for detail work.

Here’s a video of a writing sample below. You can see that even with such a fine nib, it writes smoothly and the flow is so good.

Overall, I think the 78G is one of the best entry level pens that you can buy. The price is very affordable, and the nib is excellent. It’s very light, it doesn’t feel too sturdy, but for its price and nib quality, I would recommend this over other entry level pens. If you’re on a tight budget or if you just want to get your feet wet and see if using fountain pens will work out for you, this pen offers great quality without breaking the bank. It’s also pretty awesome for pen and ink sketches. 🙂

Faber Castell eMotion, Pilot 78G, small Elias Notebook in a Pentone case.

In this review:
Pen – Pilot 78G, Black, Fine Nib from Everything Calligraphy
Paper – Elias notepad also from Everything Calligraphy
Ink – Diamine Music Set – Vivaldi

Review: Pilot 78G, Medium


I got this pen from last Saturday’s exchange gift at a mini pen meet with a few new pen friends. It’s a Pilot 78G with a medium nib, painted by one of our members.

My first impression on the pen is that it’s really light and the body is plasticky. I don’t mind it at all, I’ve been curious about these 78Gs for a while because a lot of my pen friends say that it’s one of the best entry-level pens. There’s only one store that sells Pilog 78Gs in the Philippines (Cosmos Bazar) and they’re always out of Medium nibs. They always just have the fine nibs available. Knowing Japanese nibs, I need a B or a BB to satisfy my preference for a European medium. Still, when I got this in the exchange gift, I was so happy. Not only was I gonna be able to finally try out a 78G, it’ll be my first Pilot fountain pen, and it’s got a custom paint job. I like it when artistic people take something that looks drab and plain and make it into something extraordinary and unique. It’s easy enough to buy a 78G, but having a good custom paint job on it makes it one of a kind.


That’s the barrel, or the end of the barrel. It looks much better in person, the little gold colored flecks are beautiful. It seems other members who have this custom-painted 78G have no problems with the paint fading or chipping off. The paint job is quite good.


The gold paint goes well with the gold-colored trims of the pen. Aside from the nib, I think my favorite part of this pen is the clip. The squarish, clip is beautiful. It looks sturdy and chunky, and I think it’s beautiful in its own simple way.  Continue reading “Review: Pilot 78G, Medium”

Custom Painted Pilot 78G and Makers Market Stash


I got this beautiful pen from our exchange gift this afternoon at a mini pen meet that I attended. It’s a red Pilot 78G, which is a great budget pen and all, but what made it really special was that it was painted by a local artist maki-e style. It’s kinda hard to capture the gold and silver colored flecks lacquered into it. Quite a gorgeous pen.

IMG_0537It’s a medium nib, and from what I’ve read about this pen, a very reliable workhorse of a writer. The body is plastic and very light, and would seem like a very nice pen to use for prolonged writing sessions (which is what I normally use them for). Also looks to be a Japanese medium, which is closer to a European fine. I’m excited to write a review about it. I’ve been meaning to go to Cosmos Bazaar and check if they had this in stock. Of course, being a work of art makes it quite unique and special. 🙂 I’m happy to have it in my collection.

I’m also very happy to have my Micarta back from one of our group’s nibmeisters, Pentangeli.

I know, I know, my penmanship sucks.

Pentangeli’s work on the nib is, as usual, quite amazing. It’s gone from a very boring factory medium to a cursive italic with all the fun line variations. The smoothness of the nib is also quite delicious. That touch of feedback is really growing on me, and (as silly as it sounds) makes me giggle with delight, haha.  Continue reading “Custom Painted Pilot 78G and Makers Market Stash”