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Review: Pilot Capless, Medium


I’ve had this pen for just a couple of days, and I’ve been using it to write… write… and write some more! I’ve had this pen in my wishlist for seven months, but it was not locally available until this month. I promised myself I would get it sometime next year. I was very much surprised to get it as a gift from a good friend. It’s hands-down, definitely one of the coolest and sweetest gifts I ever got.

My friend had an idea what color I liked, but she brought a few different pens in a box so I could pick out the color that I liked most. Honestly, I thought I was hyperventilating in my quiet excitement. I was torn between the glossy black decimo with the rhodium trim and this other pen which had a color that really caught my eye. I thought at first that it’s black, but when I took it out the box, I noticed it’s like dark teal, or very dark moss green with gold trim. I noticed that in some photos that I took, it look mostly green, and in some it looked mostly blue, depending on the light. I picked it because it’s beautiful and the shade reminds me of the kind of dark green that seems to be very popular in vintage pens, like my Wahl Eversharp Skyline (in marine green) or Parker’s Nassau and Forest Green.

My first VP! Dark teal with gold trim. :)

I thought the color was quite unusual. It’s one of those colors that can be a bit hard to describe. A little research on this pen and apparently it’s just “green with gold trim”, but really, it’s more like the color of Sailor Miruai (seaweed indigo). It certainly complements the gold trim very beautifully.

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