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Review: TWSBI Micarta Medium Cursive Italic

I already reviewed the TWSBI Micarta 803 with a medium nib back in October, but I had recently had the nib reground to a cursive italic. I thought I would review it again because, honestly, it feels like getting a new pen. I’ll skip all the comments about the appearance and such because I already tackled that in my previous review.


Suffice it to say that I really like this pen. The way it looks, its weight, its durable material, its girth…I love everything about it. I contacted TWSBI about noticing that the ink dries up faster than what I’m used to and they sent me a new nib and feed assembly. It has since solved that little issue, I’m happy to say. So I thought that if I’m gonna venture to try a specialty nib on my pens, I’d rather try it out with a TWSBI Micarta first. I sent it out to Pentangeli Pen Spa and Nib Works and braced myself to be parted with one of my favorite pens for several weeks. However, the pen was ready in only a week’s time, and when I got it back, I had a little tutorial with JP on how to hold the pen.


I have to admit that it was a bit hard for me. The first letter of each line was always a challenge, but once I get the sweet spot, I am able to write flawlessly. Unlike round-ended nibs that can be more tolerant of pen rotation, italic nibs are a bit less forgiving. If you don’t hold it at the right angle, it feels scratchy and would sometimes not even write. Hold it at the proper angle, though and it gives your writing some beautiful line variations.  Continue reading “Review: TWSBI Micarta Medium Cursive Italic”

Review: TWSBI Diamond 580, Medium Nib


Today I will review the TWSBI Diamond 580, which I got from Scribe Writing Essentials. Being a new collector, I was at first very skeptical about getting demonstrator fountain pens. I’ve come to have a specific kind of idea on what fountain pens should look like and demonstrator pens didn’t strike me as beautiful. Needless to say, it wasn’t love at first sight.


Every time I would go to Scribe, I would take one look at it ignore it. Then some of my friends started telling me about this particular brand and model of fountain pen, and it piqued my curiosity. The great thing about Scribe is that they have super-helpful salesladies who will even volunteer to let you hold the pen, dip it in ink and try it out. So I did hold this TWSBI Diamond 580 and a few minutes after, I’m headed out the door with it.  Continue reading “Review: TWSBI Diamond 580, Medium Nib”