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Reds in Rotation! And a few other things…

I’ve given up on carrying just 6 pens. I figured if I really wanted to just carry six pens, I should be able to do it haha. The thing is I have a lot of new green inks, and I MUST TRY ALL OF THEM AT ONCE! I know, I know, I have a problem. Sigh.

Anyway, back in rotation this week are two great writers. A marbled red Waterman Hemisphere and a Pilot 78G, both with medium nibs but both write very differently. I have gone without red inks for a few weeks so I guess it’s time to put away the pink and get back to my favorite shades of very dark red.

These past few weeks have been a bit overwhelming because I have new things to do at work, new reports to do, etcetera etcetera. My stress level is climbing and I realized that all the constant buzzing of social media isn’t helping me at all. So I decided to unplug unless I’m working. I forced myself to seek out the peace and quiet–extend my daily devotions, find time to write again, and read a few chapters whenever I can. It’s worked, so far. I stayed home as much as I can, I went out to celebrate my husband’s birthday month with him…but mostly, I just wanted to stay home, reflect and enjoy the quiet moments.

Monday na uli. 🙂

In this photo:
Waterman Hemisphere (Marbled Red, inked with Diamine Oxblood)
Pilot 78G, red (Inked with Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo)
Large dot grid journal by Elias Notebook
Maroon Single pen slip by Elias Notebook

FPOTD: Waterman Hemisphere Red Marble (Inked with Noodler’s Tiananmen Red)


Lovely pairing…Waterman Hemisphere red marble inked with Noodler’s Tiananmen Red and red velvet cake. Yummy!

I’ve been using my Waterman Hemisphere so often these past few days since I got the nib reground by J.P. Pentangeli. I love it! I cannot get enough of how well it writes now. It’s writing exactly the way that I want it to write; a slightly stubbish and moderately wet medium. Perfection.

You can find JP at the FPN-P forum or FB Group. I’m also getting the Micarta nib that I had him reground to a medium cursive italic on Saturday. I’m so excited!

Back Home from the Nibmeister’s


My Waterman Hemisphere’s back from J.P. Pentangeli and boy, is it writing super well. It was writing too wide for me, and was a bit scratchy. So I had a different nibmeister smoothen it a bit, but decided against reducing the nib’s width. However, the nib was just too broad and too wet after being smoothed. It was okay for certain types of writing, but not for my journals. So after learning that JP Pentangeli lived near us, I asked him if he could work on my nib for me.

The result? I wanted to have him regrind all my medium nibs, haha. Sorry that my penmanship doesn’t really show off how awesome the nib is. I’m completely in love with it. The inkflow is just right; not too wet, not too dry. The width is slightly narrower than a European medium, and it’s stubbish. There’s some line variation now. I wish I brought more of my medium nibs with me earlier today, but I did give him my TWSBI Micarta to work on. I am sooo looking forward to that. It’s gonna be my first cursive italic nib. 🙂

If you are in the Philippines and you need your nib reground, you can join Fountain Pen Network Philippines and look for J.P. Pentangeli there.

Review: Waterman Hemisphere, Broad

Here’s my Waterman Hemisphere (Marble Red) in a medium nib. I’ve waited a few weeks to be able to review this pen. I sent it in for a little nib tuning since it was a bit of a dry writer and I wanted it to be as generous with the ink flow as my Waterman Expert II. It originally came as a medium nib, but it always wrote a lot wider than all my other medium nibs. It felt more like a broad to me, which is great since I’ve been thinking of switching from medium to broad nibs in my future purchases, anyway.


It is quite beautiful. Almost the same with the form factor of my Waterman Expert II, except it’s more svelte. This pen was manufactured in the 1990’s. Like the Expert II, the Hemisphere has a lacquered brass body with gold plated trimmings, unlike the newer versions of this pen which come in brushed and satin metal finishes. This pen may look slim but the brass body gives it a very pleasant weight.

P1040007 P1040008

Here’s a side by side comparison with the Expert II. They have the same appearance of tapering slightly towards the edges, but the middle portion is just bulging a little. I love the finish on this pen. Love, love, love it! Like the French Blue finish on the Expert II. It exudes a very understated kind of sophistication.  Continue reading “Review: Waterman Hemisphere, Broad”