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Review: Waterman Crusader, Medium


I got this pen back in the first week of September and I’ve been meaning to write a review about it since then but I really wasn’t able to find the time. I bought this from another fountain pen enthusiast from the FPN-P group and I’ve used it several times already. I didn’t want to wear it out too much so I rotate it with other pens. This particular model of Waterman was made in the late 1940’s and 50’s. Its more popular cousin would be the Taperite model, with the hooded nib, probably a response to Parker’s very famous design innovation on their 51 series pens. I’m not a fan of the hooded nib, though, so I’m glad I got a hold of a model with an open nib.

My first impression on this pen was that it was incredibly light. Even if it felt light in my hand, it didn’t feel flimsy at all. Light and well-put together is how I would describe this. The pen looked almost like NOS when I got it, except for a tiny ding on the cap.

I love the clear “WATERMANS” imprint on the art deco clip

The Waterman Crusader has a plastic body and a two-tone metal cap. The chrome plated trims reminded me of jukeboxes and old diners. It’s plastic so most people won’t find the design exciting, but I kinda like it. It has an old-school appeal that I’m fond of.  Continue reading “Review: Waterman Crusader, Medium”

Review: Waterman Expert II – Medium Nib

There is an awesome story behind how I acquired this pen, but I will save that for another entry. For now, I’ll focus on a standard review. It’s my first review, so I’ll probably be going back to this entry and improve it in the future.

Waterman Expert II - 1

The Waterman Expert II is a very handsome pen manufactured sometime in the 1990’s. It came in many finishes, including a limited edition “champagne” finish. The one I got is a gift from a friend, and the color is French Blue. It has a lacquer-covered brass body which gives it the pleasant heft that it has as well as the glossy look.Waterman Expert II - 2

It has gold plated clips and accents, and a two-toned gold plated steel nib. It takes any international long cartridge and Waterman converters.  Continue reading “Review: Waterman Expert II – Medium Nib”