The Occasional Sweet Treat

Today’s journal entry is a recipe for shortbread cookies. The Husband doesn’t eat store-bought shortbread cookies but he seems to like mine just fine. I made this batch using better butter and organic, unbleached all-purpose flour. It tasted much better than my first batch.

I only learned to cook when I got married, but I have to admit that I only really enjoyed cooking fairly recently. Probably because we really needed to stay home and cook our own meals because of the pandemic.

I am not really interested in learning how to bake because I’m not too much of a pastry person. I like the occasional treat while drinking coffee but it’s not too important to me. Since my husband was diagnosed with diabetes, we removed sugary drinks, processed foods, and desserts from our home, except to satisfy cravings once in a while.

The short bread cookies aren’t healthy treats, by any means, but it’s okay to indulge once in a while, especially if you make the treats yourself.

I am looking forward to this weekend. The past few weeks have been so busy at work that I hardly had time to read during the weekdays. This is alright, I’m glad there is a lot of work to do, especially these days.

I have big plans this week! I plan to catch up on my reading, snuggle in bed with the cat, maybe bake bread because we just ran out, and sleep, sleep, sleep.

Hoping for a peaceful end to the US election, and an orderly transition of leadership. Happy weekend, everyone!

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