This used to go “hisssss…”


I got this 5-pen python leather case from a member of the Fountain Pen Network Philippines. I’ve been after this case since I saw another member post this in lambskin (which used to go “baaaaaa…”) several months back. I was told it was only sold by the manufacturer to a specific vendor in Rustan’s. So I combed several Rustan’s outlets for this, but I wasn’t able to find any in my area. So when this went up for sale, my hand went up too. Haha.

I like the design of this pen case because I don’t need to bother with zippers. It lets me access my pens easier, and it lays flat on the table. I took a lot of time picking the color for this case. I was waffling between this brown one or the grey and black one, which looks undoubtedly like the snake skin that it is. I don’t own leather things except for leather journals and pen cases, so I wasn’t very sure I’d like the exotic leather to look so close to how it looked like while it was still…you, know, alive and stuff.

I’m glad I picked the dark brown one, though. It looks very simple and doesn’t draw too much attention. The workmanship of this case is just amazing. The stitches are clean and sturdy, the cuts along the edges are also very meticulously done. This is definitely a well-made product that does not take away from the organic feel of the case. It doesn’t have that antiseptic, soulless feel to it.


The pen came with a pretty cool bag, and a tag that explains the product best: “The leather used for this handmade product is naturally dyed and treated. As such, you can see the individual grain pattern and markings of the skin that makes each one unique. They come from the pelts of farmed animals that often exhibit a record of their natural life cycle such as tick bites, scratches and cuts which lend character to each finished product. The finest leather craftsmen make each one by hand that results in no two products being identical, after which – lotion specifically formulated for exotic leathers is applied by hand to clean, moisturize and protect the leather. We’re proud of each item we produce and are confident you’ll enjoy them for many years.”

They’re definitely right to be proud of the product. It’s really beautiful. Who knew python skin can be so soft and supple?


The texture is incredible. It’s very different from my lambskin pen case (which I also love, and is made by this same manufacturer) in that its textures are amazing. This definitely looks like it will age well with proper care. From the feedback I got from people who used pen cases and wraps from this manufacturer, the cases don’t cause stains. Note that improperly cured leather can cause unsightly tarnishing on the metal and gold parts of your pens.


I like that the pen slots are also generous without being too roomy. My biggest pen is the Sheaffer Lifetime Senior, which is bigger in girth than the Bexley Corona. It’s a comfortable fit.

I think it’s a wonderful pen case. I bought directly from the reseller, but I think this is also available in Rustans’ outlets. I’m trying to find out where and will update my post as soon as I get the information.

16 thoughts on “This used to go “hisssss…”

    1. Hi Kerry. This is only available in a local mall here in the Philippines. I heard Innovative Journaling sells similar pen cases, though perhaps not made of snake skin.

      1. Awwh thanks so much for getting back to me – so kind !
        I shall keep looking ! If you ever happen to see them or something similar online please let me know ! I I am in the UK but often but items from abroad !
        Thank you

  1. Hi again – I have found someone who can make me one from scratch ! Would you be able to provide me with the measurements please so that I can get it as near to looking like this one as possible ! I would be so grateful if you could do that ! Thanks Kerry

      1. That is so nice of you – thank you so much – can you for some quite chunky pens in ? Maybe up to 20mm round ?
        Best wishes kerry x

          1. Oh that’s good !!!! Give me as many measurements as possible lol ??? have a great day !

          2. The length from thr tip of thr case to the tip of the flap is 27mm. The length of the inner pen pouches is about 13mm. The length of the band that closes the flap is about 13mm too.

          3. Mmmhh I am a bit confused or I am maybe stupid ! Can I send you a photo with the measurements marked of what I need ?
            I tried to attach a photo here but it wouldn’t work ! ?
            Do you have an email address or are you on Facebook and I will send a photo ?
            Sorry to be a nuisance !

  2. Love the pen case! Any idea whether this make of pen case is still available for sale at Rustan’s or anywhere else? Would you know what brand it is to aid in the search?

    1. Hallo, sorry i don’t know if these are still available. I haven’t seen them in Rustans myself, the seller just told me they’re also sold there. But that was years ago.

      1. Oh I see. How’s the case doing in the years since? Is it still in use?

        Also, if you wouldn’t mind my asking, have you come across any similar/comparable cases?

        1. So far so good! I actually haven’t seen any local sellers who make similar cases. Innovative Journaling sells a similar case but it ships from the US. You can also try Sunday Leather Crafts and have them design one for you.

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