Thrift Shop Finds!


Today my husband and I had a family dinner to attend so we decided to visit my brother’s family who lives in the same area. My sister-in-law took me to this cluster of thrift shops and antique stores in the area and we snooped around for some pens. I discovered a bit too late that I shouldn’t have been asking the vendors if they have any pens because they always say “no” but when I do a little digging around, I do find some. Perhaps they don’t take good inventory of their merchandise.

Anyway, I found a few Parkers and Sheaffers but I passed on them because the nibs looked pretty banged up. I was able to score a few things, though.

Parker 21, Circa 1952-1965

This is a charcoal grey Parker 21 with a fine nib. I bought it because the sac looked intact, the body had minimal scratches (looks like scratches from daily use) and the nib looked straight and clean. It has a name engraved on the barrel, though I don’t really mind these things. I think it adds more to the history of the pen. Whoever the previous owner is, she took very good care of the pen.

IMG_1653 (2)I tested the aerometric filler with water and it was filling properly, without leaks. So I filled it up with Diamine Dark Olive and whoa, I did not expect it to write as smooth as that. I was thinking of sending it off to the pen spa for restoration but it looks like this pen works right out of the box. Or, in this case, out of a tin can of pens. Definitely my favorite find of the day.

Sheaffer No Nonsense set for a whopping P85

This looks like a set of Sheaffer No Nonsense made as a promotional item by Korean Air. It’s a rollerball and fountain pen, and the section looks to be interchangeable. So I can use either the red barrel and cap or the blue one for the fountain pen. Which will work out great for me since the blue barrel (which is for the fountain pen) is a little rougher than the red one.


The pen had dried blue ink in it and the original Skrip cartridge. I took out the converter from my Sheaffer 300 and it’s a good fit. After cleaning out the residual ink, I filled it up with Sailor Blue Black. It actually writes really well. It’s a very wet and smooth medium nib. For P85, I think this is a great find.


And then there’s this teeny-tiny little pencil. It has an inscription near the end of the barrel NPA-TPG. You rotate the tip and out comes the lead. It’s very cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

I had a lot of fun today! I’m not very good at bargaining, I don’t enjoy theย tawaran portion too much, but digging through old stuff to find treasures like these is so worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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