Tiramisu, I Love You.

Today’s food journal entry is about my first attempt at making tiramisu yesterday. It went very well, my husband and I enjoyed it. Tiramisu is one of the two kinds of cake that I enjoy eating. The other one being (any kind of) cheesecake. Mascarpone is not always readily available locally, though. So when I found some at a nearby S&R, I bought a tub and a pack of ladyfingers to experiment with.

The directions on the recipe that I followed noted that the whole process takes only about 45 minutes, I think that this is possible, but since it was my first time it took about an hour and a half for me to complete it.

I made a few notes on my first attempt so that I would fare better on the next ones. Apparently, I will be using a lot of espresso. I didn’t know how absorbent these ladyfingers were, and I only prepared 4 shots of espresso initially. I had to stop in the middle of assembling the cake and hand-ground enough beans for 4 more shots.

I think that it’s important to use real espresso here instead of just strong instant coffee. The concentrated flavor of espresso really cuts through the mascarpone, cream, and custard mixture.

I was also surprised that these ladyfingers fall apart pretty quickly. You really just need to quickly dip it into espresso. You can’t leave it soaking because it falls apart just a few seconds after. I thought that after leaving the tiramisu in the fridge overnight to set, the ladyfingers would fall apart. Apparently they really just turn into delicious, coffee-infused sponges. It’s delightful.

My husband and I absolutely love tiramisu, and we used to frequent a favorite restaurant where we get what we believe is the  best tiramisu in Metro Manila. They don’t sell whole cakes, though, and of course we don’t go out too often because of the pandemic. So having a ginormous baking tray of tiramisu at home was a delight to us. It’s quite perfect with coffee. Needless to say, I really enjoyed my coffee break this morning.


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