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Earlier today, I wrote an entry about being in pickle. I included a pickle jar haha. I always like to include simple watercolor paintings in my journal entries when I have time. It could go both ways since watercolor is a pretty unforgiving medium. Sometimes I make mistakes on my paintings and leave them as is. After all, mistakes are a part of life. I often go back and leaf through the pages and find a terrible watercolor painting and laugh at myself for it, haha.


Part of what makes it enjoyable, for me, is that I don’t take myself too seriously. 🙂 When art journaling stops being fun, perhaps one should consider taking a step back and taking stock of why it’s not fun anymore. I don’t edit myself when I write in my journal. The grammar doesn’t need to be perfect, either. If there’s one place where we can write honestly and be able to embrace ourselves, successes and failures included, it should be in our personal writings.


I used Kuretake Gansai Tambi 12 for my watercolor paintings. I only recently tried this out, from Scribe Writing Essentials, and I’m really loving it. The colors are so vibrant, and when they dry on paper, they have a nice glossy texture on them. They are so much fun to use on my journal’s tomoe river paper because the resulting painting is always so nicely colored and has retained the same color and texture even after drying out a while.


The container of the date is stamped on by Marryl Crafts‘ clear stamp and oh, look at this beautiful color of stamp pad. It’s called VersaMagic Tea Leaves from CraftyLanePH, and since it’s chalk ink-based, it doesn’t bleed through the paper. The opposite side of this page is completely clean, no bleed throughs or anything like that.

Happy Sunday, everyone! 🙂

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