Vinta’s Vintage and Neon Editions

Our good friends at Vinta sent us a set of their new capsule collections ahead of the official launch on April 7, 2021. The two new editions are Vintage and Neon. The colors of this new collection are remarkably happy and bright ones. I guess it’s fitting and helpful, considering the times we are living through right now. I have been using the inks these past few days to see how they hold up to daily writing.

Here’s a roundup of the reviews I’ve written so far (to be updated as they become available):

Blaze 1970 (Silab)
Pilgrim’s Blue 1970 (Peregrino)
Pink Rose 1973 (Binibini)

Pop! 1993 (Magnetic Blue)
Tagpuan 2046 (Electric Pink)
Astro 1980 (Android Teal)

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