Women Leaders

Today’s journal entry is about women leaders and the quality of leadership that they brought to their countries during the time of pandemic. I think one thing that this pandemic did was to shine a very bright spotlight on how poorly certain leaders are doing during these times. Leaders cannot bully, bribe, or brag their way around a pandemic. One also cannot fake empathy for the people. At least  not for long. It’s interesting how a handful of women leaders brought a markedly different approach to the pandemic. They harnessed data, encouraged research, reacted quickly, and brought an undeniable warmth and steadiness whenever they addressed the people. Meanwhile in the Philippines, our president can hardly get through a single press briefing without using foul language, which his supporters passes off as sincerity, lol. Anyway, I thought it would be great to make a journal entry about these remarkable women and their response to the pandemic because it will definitely be part of history.

3 thoughts on “Women Leaders

  1. Hi Pao,
    I chanced upon your beautiful art journals (that I now frequent for inspiration) when I was looking for a review on Hobonichi Plain notebook. May I know what notebook are you using in this post? Is it Tomoe too? Thank you.

  2. I feel your pain. This entire experience has really shown who is fit to lead. I’m sorry we’re both being “led” by rubbish.

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