Y U Break My Heart?!


My absolute favorite ink with the Edison Pearlette is Diamine Sepia. I’ve been having so much fun with this pen and ink combo but I just recently noticed that when used for long writing, it tends to dry out. I thought something was wrong with the pen because the same thing happened when I loaded it with Diamine Macassar.

So I did a lot of troubleshooting on it. After a lot of flossing, flushing, soaking, soaping, and ultrasonic cleaning, the problem still persisted. I realized that after writing two pages, the feed begins to starve. I was getting ready to return it to Scribe when I thought…maybe I can try another ink with it? Something that flows wetter than the brown inks I tried?

So I loaded it with Bilberry and wrote two pages. Lo and behold, it wrote perfectly. This only meant one thing…Pearlette and Diamine Sepia…not an OTP. 🙁 (cue music…where do broken hearts goooo? can they find their way hooooome?)

I loaded the pen with Diamine Ochre and so far, so good. It writes superbly, except that it’s not Sepia. The color of Sepia is perfect for the color of the pen. I’m so saaaad. Oh well, pen geek problems. 🙁 I guess I’m just gonna have to find the perfect brownish-yellowish ink for it. Maybe Iroshizuku Ina-Ho? I guess I’ll find out when I get my order from Create Crafts. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Y U Break My Heart?!

  1. Oh, and be careful with Diamine Ochre, the pink component of the ink precipitates out of the ink and can clog feeds. Look at the bottom of your bottle and you may see what I mean.

    1. I’d love a sample! But I live all the way in the Philippines. :-/ Thanks, i’ll keep that in mind. I’ve already flushed out the Diamine Ochre last night and replaced it with Edelstein Amber. The mismatch in color was bothering me too much.

  2. I have the same fountain pen but with 1.4 Edison Stub . This Nib purchased from The Writing Desk in the UK and controlled by the holder Martin. I use Sepia from Diamine and have no problems with this combination. I hope you can use this for anything.

    Torben Rose

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