Yesterday’s Theme: Frozen Treats

This year opened up with a lot of challenges at work, so I really hardly had any time to draw, paint, or write. I did find a bit of free time yesterday, though, to participate in Doodlewash’s theme which is Frozen Treats. January’s themes are all about childhood memories, and the first thing that came to mind when I thought about my favorite childhood frozen treats was Funwich. Ah, yes, I still have a Funwich-shaped hole in my heart because it’s not in production anymore.


I remember when I was young, Funwich was a bit more expensive than other frozen treats, but it was really worth it. My brother and I would save up our lunch money and head off to this little store just a few meters from our house called Mini Mart to buy these sweet treats.


He liked the chocolate flavored Funwich, I liked the vanilla ones. Perhaps it’s because I’m remembering The Funwich through the eyes of my younger self, and good childhood memories are always awesome, but I think this is still the best ice cream sandwich I ever tried.


There are a lot of food memories tied to my childhood. We lived in an open community and, unlike gated communities, there’s an overabundance of street vendors, sari-sari stores, carinderias, and other places to buy food. From binatog to betamax, I tried them all haha. Oh, the wonderful memories of childhood, when things were simple and you didn’t really think too much about how clean the kapitbahay’s ice candy is, you just buy it especially if there’s mangga flavor. ^_^

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